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I spent most of my day on Saturday shooting Video for Life In A Day.

Life In A Day was a Project done by Youtube. Basically, you filmed yourself on July 24th, 2010, showing what happened to you that day.

Some of the submitted Videos will be featured in a Documentary at The Sundance Film Festival. The Movie will be made by Ridley Scott, and Kevin Macdonald.

I first heard about it a few Weeks ago from a friend of mine who sent me the link on Facebook.
I read about it a few times, and thought about it alot.

One of my big goals in life is to be famous. Not just for my own personal gains, but I also believe that there’s a SEVERE shortage of Disabled people being used in Commercials, TV Shows, Movies, and/or Music Videos. I’d like to try and break down those walls, and be able to get myself, and others like me, on TV and the big screen.

Of course, there’s also the fame & fortune aspect for me as well. I’d like to be able to move away from here. I’d build a fully Wheelchair Accessible House for my Wife & I. We’d just sit back, relax, and feel good knowing that we overcame another barrier in life.

If I were to become famous, I’d also use my status to further educate people about Disabilities etc. I’d also want to do shows and/or Movies about us.

For example, I’d have a Disabled version of The Bachelor. The guy would be Disabled, and you’d have Women trying to woo him.
To some, it may sound far fetched, but I honestly never thought that a show like The Bachelor, or Survivor would exist, but it does, and they’re very popular.

I learned at a very young age, quite possibly on day #2 that anything’s possible if you want it bad enough.

Back to the Videos that I made.
The first Video that I shot was of me getting suctioned.
As I mentioned a few weeks ago, that involves putting a small tube down my throat to suck out stuff in my lungs.

At first, I was nervous about filming it, mostly because it’s a personal, medical procedure for me. I wrestled with the idea for awhile. In the end, I decided to film it for a few reasons.

1. I wanted the World to know what I go through on a regular basis, and to hopefully show them it’s not THAT scary.

2. There’s other people out there that get suctioned too, and I wanted to show them that they shouldn’t feel weird or awkward about it. It’s a part of your life. Yes, it sucks, but if it keeps you healthy and alive, don’t feel uncomfortable about it.

3. I also made the Video in hopes of educating others. Alot of times when I do it in Public Bathrooms, people stare, and I know they want to ask about it, but they rarely do.

4. I also wanted to show people that despite having to do it hourly, I still manage to live a pretty normal life.

Other Videos I did were of me going out, having Coffee, and talking about being in a relationship when you’re Physically Disabled, getting a transfer into bed, and lying down with my Wife.

My personal favorite is the one where I’m having Coffee & talking.

All of the Videos can be seen at:

As for Life In A Day, all submitted Videos will start appearing on their Youtube page in August.

Their Website is located at:

Winning Videos will appear in a Movie at The Sundance Film Festival in January 2011.

I also plan on buying a Video Camera at some point. I have a pretty interesting life, and I want to share it with the World, and perhaps have someone do a Movie about my life.

Stay tuned.


My Wife & I headed to Lebreton Flats to hear some free Beethoven Music. It felt very strange going to the same place where Bluesfest was held a week earlier. There were people sitting in Lawnchairs that were my Parent’s ages & even the age of my Grandparents, and kids & babies.

I had the thought in my head of showing up there with my KISS makeup and thinking that Bluesfest was still on. I would’ve done it too, but I don’t have a Video Camera. That’s the kinda thing that I NEED to capture and put it on youtube. People’s reactions would’ve been simply priceless I think.

We stayed there for about 45 minutes relaxing & enjoying the music. It was kinda odd for us, especially for me because I’m not exactly a fan of Classical Music. At least it was free & outdoors.

It rained earlier today & will probably rain more later tonight.
That means it’s time for another childhood memory.

Today, I’m gonna talk about the first time that I broke my leg.
Yes, even people who can’t move much, can still be spazzy.

I was eleven or twelve years old at the time and just recently got my first powered wheelchair. I was in a friend’s room in the Hospital. We were talking about a cute girl that was staying there at the time. We had both wanted to see which one of us would have the guts to go talk to her. I said that I’d go first. So, off I went.

I left his room and started driving my chair really fast up & down the hallway outside her room. In my head I’m thinking that this is gonna impress her & she’ll fall for me solely based on my Wheelchair driving skills.


In my moment of glory, I forgot to take my finger off of the button & I drove right into the window ledge beside the main entrance to the ward. The ledge was at the perfect level to hit just below my right knee.

I immediately started crying right before the Nurses ran towards me to help. At this point, I slowly returned to my room in pain. The whole time, the girl was sitting by her door & laughing at me. To make matters worse, nobody believed me when I said that I thought I broke my leg.

Two weeks later, a Nurse noticed while giving me a bath, that my leg was blueish. As far as we knew, it’s bad when a body part goes blue. Later that day, I had my right leg x-rayed and sure enough, it was broken.

I’m still not sure how I lasted two weeks with a broken leg without a cast. Back then, I was swimming three times a week, plus all the lifting from bed/chair/pool/bath tub etc etc. It’s a miracle that I didn’t need Surgery to repair the bones.

However, there’s a happy ending.
The girl remembered me the next time she returned to the Hospital. She apologized for laughing at me & we became really good friends for a little while. As for the other guy, as it turned out, she wasn’t too fond of him. Sadly, she passed away a few years later and he soon followed.

I guess it’s a happy/sad ending.

Thanks for reading.

Nothing much has happened since my last post yesterday. I spent most of the night playing Poker online and finishing off a Reference Letter for someone.

I figured that I’d write about a few things coming up for me.

As everybody knows, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of it, even though I’m married. It is my personal belief that we shouldn’t need to set aside a day to celebrate love, and make someone feel special. We should be doing that more often and not have to have a day to be reminded that someone loves us as much as we (hopefully) love them.

For Valentine’s Day, my Wife bought us tickets to see a live taping of the CBC Radio Show, The Debaters. The Debaters is a weekly Radio show where two Comedians go head to head and debate about different topics. I know a number of performers taking part on Thursday night’s taping, including Darren Frost.

I first met Darren on my 31st Birthday at Yuk Yuk’s in January 2006. I laughed my ass off for the whole night. After the show, I went up to meet him, we chatted for a bit, and took pictures. He’s a great guy, but he angers a LOT of people because of the jokes he makes. Like I said yesterday, I’m definitely a different type of person and I tend to like things that are off the beaten path.

After we first met, we kept in close contact and I’d go see him whenever he was in town. After his shows, we usually shoot the shit for a little while.

The coolest thing that’s happened so far is him mentioning me during one of his shows. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and I respect the hell out of him for that, and I always will.

If you want to check him out, check out these links.


Keep in mind that it’s very NSFW and contains strong language and all that other bullshit that makes some people uncomfortable.

Luckily, this show is being held at a Local Theatre as opposed to a Club. Sure, the only Wheelchair spots are at the back of the bus, oops, I mean the Theatre. At least I’ll be there and I’ll see him after the show.

I’m really looking forward to it.

As for Saturday, no real plans set in place besides (hopefully) spend the night with my Wife. We have a very unique relationship to say the least.

For one thing, we don’t live together. If we did, I’d lose my funding and also because of that, we’re not “officially” married. I admit that it can be frustrating at times, but at other times, it can be a good thing.

About five years ago, she stayed at my place for a month and we tore eachother’s heads off. We both have different lifestyles, which tends to clash with eachother.

That’s about it as far as things coming up in my life.

Thanks for reading.

I’m not gonna discuss the Senators. Ya, I watched most of the game on Tuesday night.

Enough said

So the other day, I came on here with nothing in mind to say. I decided to do a few posts about wrestling because it was Wrestlemania weekend. I logged off shortly after thinking nothing much about the post. A few hours later, I returned and noticed that I got over 300 hits within a few hours, which basically smashed my other stats here and past sites that I’ve blogged on.

My first reaction was HUH? This HAS to be an error. The trend continued all weekend and I got over 1000 visitors over three days. Yesterday, I read on here that two bloggers got book deals just from posting on here. This got me thinking about a few things regarding this blog, internet site etc. I think I’ll start another Blog on here, but I’m not sure what to do them on. I’ll type some ideas that I have in my head.

1. A Wrestling Blog — This is an obvious choice and the thing that started me thinking about this. Over 1000 hits in three days. There’s a definite audience for it. I’d make it a wrestling news, gossip, recap blog and perhaps have others contribute to the content.

2. Photo Blog — This would be used for pictures of my life & surroundings, both past and present. Each pic would be followed by a description etc.

3. Sex Blog — Sex is popular by itself, but toss a disabled person in there and curiousity is increased. Up until the wrestling posts, ones about my sex life were at the top of the list.

4. Advice — This is where I’d give advice on certain topics. I think it’d be a lot of fun, an interesting read, and probably very surreal. Readers could write in with problems or issues and I’d respond with advice.

5. News Blog — I’d post News Articles and give my thoughts. This could also be opened to others to contribute content to the site.

6. HollyWood News/Gossip — As much as I hate to say this, it’s popular. Perez Hilton became famous just for doing that, so why can’t I?

7. Fictional Story Blog — This blog would involve a Fictional person. The profile would be fake and each post would detail this person’s day while watching their life unfold. This would be creative based. This would be adult oriented at times.

8. YouTube Video Picks — This would be used for YouTube videos that I found interesting, funny, or just stood out to me.

Those are all the ideas that I had in mind right now. I would like you people to please leave a comment to this post telling me which one you like. You can also email me as well with your vote. I’m also opened to new ideas too. If yours isn’t listed above, please feel free to share it with me as well.

Keep in mind that I’ll continue to post here daily. The new Blog will have no connection with this one except for the fact that it’ll be written by me.

I look forward to all of your feedback.

So last night, I went all the way to the Rehab to play Boccia, but everything was locked up and nobody was there. I was disappointed.

My only options were to wait over an hour for my ride to take me home or to take a cab. Needless to say, I paid $17 and went home.

I returned home just in time to watch The Moment Of Truth.  For those that don’t know what that is, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s a TV Game Show where players are hooked up to a lie detector and everytime they tell the truth, they win money.

Just to add to the drama, Family, and loved ones are right there with them.

For those that missed last week’s show, take a look.

Let’s roll the footage.

Now, I’m a fan of the show because first of all it exposes people without involving nudity. That’s a novel concept by itself. The other reason why I like it is because it proves my theory that a lot of people will do anything to get rich, including hurting loved ones. Add in the fact that millions are watching, and there’s your ideal combo. Fame and money is what many people want, including myself.

I thank my lucky stars that I’m not on that show. I really don’t think that I’d do very well.

It’s been on for a few weeks now and I hope that it stays.

My Wife suggested that I send the link of my interview to Local Media outlets. I have several good friends that work in Media. As luck would have it, just after sending the first one, I got instant response and the possibility of being on the news soon.

I also asked to be part of local fundraising events and they have expressed interest in having me perform. If you hear of any upcoming fundraising events in Ottawa, there’s a solid chance that I’ll be performing.

For those of you that haven’t seen the video, here it is

It can also be seen at my own YouTube page at

More videos will be posted there soon, so feel free to add me.

My day was pretty much spent communicating by email about that.

In an odd way, I’m glad that I didn’t win the Contest last week. Now I have more time to focus on other ventures involving my Comedy Career.

This could be interesting