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On Wednesday, I called my Chair Tech Guy to see if my Controller would be back by Friday. At the time, he didn’t sound too positive about it. Needless to say, I was frustrated at the time.

Eventually, it ended in a good way, but let’s talk about in between.

On Thursday, I headed to B In The Park, which were Bagpipes in a Park. I decided to take a Cab because there was no way that I’d be able to go from the Bus Stop to the Park using my crappy beat up Nintendo Chair Controller.

My Cab showed up at 5:30, and I got down there about fifteen minutes later.
Now, it was my understanding that it would cost $10 to get in, but nobody asked me for it. It’s a good thing cause I spent $10 just getting there.

The first Band were Sons Of Scotland. I think they were a local Pipe Band. They were good, but not as good as The City Of Chicago Marching Band.

Shortly after they came on, I had to go catch my ride home. I booked my ride early, so I could get home to spend time with my Wife before she left for her Dad’s place. She’s gone all Weekend, but at least we were able to spend time together, both Thursday & Friday.

On Friday, I woke up & found out that my Chair Tech Guy dropped of my Controller. I found out soon after that it didn’t work, and neither did my backup one. Luckily, he was able to return a few hours later and he fixed it.

So now, I have my good Controller back, and I’m all set to enjoy the great outdoors this Weekend.

A few hours after he left, I spent a few Minutes with my Wife, and had Iced Coffee.
Not to sound like a Commercial, but Starbucks sells packs of Instant Coffee, which are actually pretty good. I recommend it.

I walked with my Wife to the Bus Stop to catch the Bus to the Train Station. The Bus pulled up right when we got there, so we just had time for a quick kiss.

There was no cheesy Celine Dion song playing or Rain falling, or me crying, or me ripping my shirt off, or glittering, or some crap. Have fun picturing all of that though.

After she left, I went to the Store to buy a Lottery Ticket, then returned home to do Laundry. Good times on a Friday night!

Anyways, like I said, I’ll be out & about all Weekend.
There’s the Busker Fest, & the Rideau Canal Festival, and I’ll be at both.
Both need to improve Wheelchair Accessibility, but I can’t save the World that fast.

I’ll be making mental notes this Weekend on how I can help, if they want it.

I hope you all have a good Weekend out there.


As I mentioned yesterday, I only managed to see one show because of my Wheelchair problems.

My Wife & I checked out Lewis Black, which was great.
Kathleen Madigan opened up for him.
She did some solid jokes about Oprah, Sarah Palin, performing in the Mid East for the USO.

From there, it was time for Lewis Black. I’ve been wanting to see him for awhile now.
He was his usual pissed off self, but he was hilarious with his rants about the I-phone, holidays, and why the US is so messed up.
He also told a great story about Vince Gill, and Amy Grant.

After that, it was time for us to take a Cab home.
I refeuse to even attempt wheeling home using my Nintendo Controller.
I had a hard enough time just getting to the spot to get my Cab.
My left arm tends to cramp up, and gets tired pretty fast when I use the Nintendo Controller to drive my Wheelchair.

As for today, the last day of Bluesfest, I have a full slate.

My Wife & I are gonna check out Bjorn Berge at 4 PM in the Theatre.

At 6, we’re gonna see Ryan Shaw at the Claridge Stage. I saw him last year, and he honestly blew me away. He was a top “hidden gem” for me. I’m gonna try to meet him this time.

At 8, I’ll check out Jimmy Cliff on the Claridge Stage.

At 9:30, we’ll wrap things up with seeing Weezer at the MBNA Stage. I’m really looking forward to seeing them.

That’ll be it for Bluesfest 2010.

Tomorrow, I’ll be giving a final recap of this year’s Bluesfest.
Discuss who I saw, my top picks, and just general thoughts on the past 13 days.

My Wife & I checked out the Pop Life Art Exhibit at the National Gallery yesterday.
Some parts of it are pretty odd, and the Music is a little loud for an Art Exhibit, but all in all, I suggest you people check it out.

After that, we headed down to Piccolo Grande to have a Gelato.

So last night, I wanted to see MonkeyJunk, but they were just wrapping up as we got there. I only got to hear half a song, but they sounded pretty good. Hopefully, they will perform at a Wheelchair Accessible Venue in Ottawa soon.

So after that, it was time for The Canadian Comedy Show, hosted by Mark Forward. The show also featured Ryan Belleville, Debra Giovanni, and Pete Zedlacher.
The show was pretty good for the most part. The Host seemed kinda annoyed, and perhaps lost due to people leaving, and not laughing at him enough.

Sadly, after Bluesfest is over, it will be awhile before I get to see Live Comedy again. For those who aren’t aware, I’m a big fan of Stand-Up Comedy, and even perform it sometimes.

Up until about a year and a bit, I performed regularly at Yuk Yuk’s. They moved to a location that isn’t Wheelchair Accessible. Since then, there’s no longer any Wheelchair Accessible Comedy Venues in Ottawa.

Needless to say, I’ve been seeing as many Comedy shows at Bluesfest as humanly possible. I find it funny/sad that a temporary Tent can be made Wheelchair Accessible, but an actual Venue doesn’t want to bother to even try to be Wheelchair Accessible.

I’ve approached both of the main Clubs here in Ottawa, and either they don’t care & flat out refuse to even try to put a Ramp, or they shut me up when I tried talking to the Media about it.

Either way, it’s a horrible situation, mostly due to Owners not really giving a crap about Comedians or Club goers.

I’m done my little rant.

So, after the Comedy Show, I went to see Great Big Sea, or tried to.

My Wheelchair stopped working on the way in.
My Wife spent at least ten minutes trying to fix it, and it worked for the rest of the night.

Great Big Sea was great as per usual.

I want to point something out.
While my Wife was trying to fix my Chair. Security & Volunteers kept wanting to help me get in to the show.
We both refused several times.
For some messed up reason, they refused to listen to her.
Now, noticed that I said her?

None of the “rent-a-cops” asked me directly. They chose to ask my Wife instead.
My Wife told them many times that I was the one refusing help, not her.
If I can drive, I will FREAKIN drive in there myself somehow.

Furthermore, people have to learn to talk to Disabled people. While it’s true that SOME of them can’t speak, don’t automatically assume that we can’t.
It absolutely drives me nuts & boggles my mind, especially since i was publicly interviewed three times in the past week.
Plus, I’m pretty sure it was obvious that my Wife & I were chatting as they approached us each time.

Anyways, my Chair stopped working shortly after we got home.
I’m now using my old Nintendo Controller, which is really hard to use.

So, today/tonight, the only show that I’ll be able to get to is Lewis Black.

As for tomorrow, I have a ride to & from Bluesfest.
I’m definitely going to see Ryan Shaw, & then Weezer later on that night.
As for the few hours in between, that’ll be tough since I can’t drive as much as usual.

Either way, I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

On Saturday, my Wife & I headed out for Ice Cream.

As I headed home, my hands started getting cold.
When that happens, my hands become weak, and eventually I can’t do anything.

By the time, I got near my place, my Attendant had to use the Joystick, so I could get home.
Besides a few mishaps along the way, we made it back.
I was hoping that my Joystick would be easier to use when that happens, but sadly, no.

So, it looks like I’ll have to go back to the old drawing board, unless we can figure something else out with this Joystick.

More wacky fun lies ahead.

On Sunday, my Wife made me Coffee.
There was no way in hell that I was going out after what happened the night before, plus it was bad Weather.
My Back was sore from the night before, so my Wife gave me a wonderful Back Massage.
The reason why my Back hurt was because by the time I got home on Saturday, I was really low in my Chair, which is really hard on my Back.

Luckily, I felt better after my Wife took good care of me on Sunday Night.

I have no official plans until Thursday.
Thursday is Canada Day, so my Wife & I will probably be out and about.

Last year, we went to Parliament Hill for the Noon time show.
We had pretty good seats, so we were on TV quite a bit.
We also got to meet the Prime Minister, and the Governor General.

This year, the Queen’s coming.
I really don’t understand why Canada’s still connected to the British.
I mean, Canada’s turning 143 years old, isn’t it time for us to move out from our Parent’s Basement?

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind meeting the Queen.
If I meet her, I’d ask why British people have bad teeth.
My Dad’s British, and well, he’s just not easy to look at.

Besides that, I have no real plans.

Despite the title, this isn’t a post about my sex life.

I know it’s been awhile since my last post.
I have alot to say, so let’s get to it.

So last Saturday, it was crappy outside, so I stayed home.
Later that day, I spent the Evening with my Wife.

Luckily, the next day was beautiful, so we took full advantage of it.

We started off by heading Downtown to check out a Cafe that my Wife heard about.
The place is called Xpresso, and it’s right behind the Metro Grocery Store on Rideau Street.
It’s a pretty nice place, but the pictures on their Website make it look bigger than it is.
The Bathroom is Wheelchair Accessible, they also sell my favorite Beer, and their Espresso’s pretty good.
They also have TVs everywhere.
On Thursdays, they have live Music, so I plan on checking that out at least once this Summer.
If you’re in Ottawa, I suggest you check it out.

If you go, tell them Ryan sent you. They’ll have no idea who the hell you’re talking about, but it might be funny.

So after that, we went Shopping.
Now, as most Married Men know, Shopping with your Wife or sig other is never as quick or easy as we envision.

By the time we were done, it was time for me to go home for a bit.
About thirty minutes later, we headed back out, and walked down by the River.
We just walked around, took pictures of the scenery, and then headed home.
It was nice & romantic.

Monday was my big appointment for my new Wheelchair.
This is the day that I’d get to take a loaner Chair home to try it out.
Before I did that, I got transferred from my old Chair to a bed, so they could transfer my seat to the other Chair.
From there, I got put back into the new Chair, and all set up so I could try out the new Joystick.

At first, I had a hard time driving it because it was too fast, and it kept tipping backwards. I also kept running into things.
After a few minor adjustments, I tried it again, and it went much better.

Later that day, I went to the park to try it out in a wide opened space.
Everything kept getting easier, plus I’m typically a quick learner.

Originally, I was just gonna try it until Thursday, but I was unable to get to my Appointment.
As of now, I’m not sure when I’ll be returning it.
I wish I could try it out for the whole Summer while the paperwork’s being processed, but I doubt it.

On Wednesday, I co-taught a Workshop about Stand-Up Comedy.
This was for people with various Mental Disorders, which made things interesting.

We started off with six people.

One person decided to draw instead of taking notes.
One person became agitated/uncomfortable and decided to leave.
Another person kept coming & going, but eventually stayed.
We ended up having 5 people left by the time it ended.

All in all, it was an interesting experience.
I hope to do it again eventually.

I got home around 1:35 pm.
Little did I know, my day was about to become more interesting.

At 1:41 pm, as I was heading back out to get an Espresso, an Earthquake happened, and it was big, at least for this Area.
My Wife called to see if I was ok, and luckily, everything was ok. Nothing fell or broke.
Her Office Building was being evacuated.

From there, I headed out to try to find her.
I just had this sense that she needed me, and I wanted to be there for her.
Sadly, I couldn’t find her though.
I guess I’ll never make the cover of a cheesy Romance Novel.

There were TONS of people standing around outside because every Office Building Downtown got evacuated.
After awhile, I gave up looking for her & tried to get an Espresso, but most places were closed due to the Quake.
I came across Tim Horton’s, and managed to get a Coffee.

I headed home, & my Wife called soon after that.
She bought me an Espresso, which was damn good.
So at that point, I had half a Cup of Coffee, plus an Espresso.
Since I got up at 8, I needed them both.

We were supposed to go to the Jazz Festival that night, but it rained.
Instead, we ended up having a nice quiet Evening together.

Thursday was a Holiday for French people, so I was able to spend part of the day with my Wife.
We had Espresso, and really delicious Chocolates.

As of now, no real plans this Weekend besides seeing my Mom before she leaves for a Month.

Sorry that this post was so long, but I hope you enjoyed reading it.

So my chair controls decided to screw up today. Luckily (kinda) it’s just the part that controls my mouse for my pc. I can still drive my chair and can use the pc, but with using an actual mouse instead. Long story short, it’s harder for me to type and do certain things online.

I was supposed to play Boccia, but was told that my tech guy would come look at my chair. The guy never showed and it started raining. So no Boccia for me tonight.

Speaking of Boccia, the regional tournament is happening on May 10th in Ottawa. The top 3 finishers in each division move on to the Provincials. From my understanding, there’s not many in my division, so hopefully that means that I’ll be able to get a spot. I think that would be really cool. If that happens, I get to start touring parts of Ontario. If I can’t tour as a Comedian, at least I’ll be touring as an Athlete part of a team.

That sounded really freakin weird to me.

In other news, the lineup for the 2008 Cisco Systems Bluesfest was announced and it’s not bad actually.

Here’s SOME of the acts coming.

James Taylor; Steely Dan; The Tragically Hip; Feist; Wyclef Jean; The Black Crowes; Fergie; Widespread Panic; Brian Wilson; Great Big Sea; Boz Scaggs; Three Days Grace; TV on the Radio; Akon; Primus; Zappa Plays Zappa; Taj Mahal; Lucinda Williams; Donna Summer; Plain White T’s; Richard Thompson; Matthew Good and His Band; Don McLean; Keb’ Mo’; Robert Randolph and the Family Band; Theory of a Dead Man; Blind Boys of Alabama; Joan Armatrading; Jakob Dylan; Dr. John; Canned Heat; The Secret Machines; Corb Lund, Metric; Calexico; Sean Kingston; The Weakerthans; The Wailers; Johnny Winter; Cassandra Wilson; Kathleen Edwards; Adrian Belew; Bettye LaVette; Shelby Lynne; Wintersleep; Allen Toussaint; Sam Roberts Band; Ray Davies; Martha Wainwright; Master Musicians of Jajouka; Tony D; JW-Jones; Shawn Tavernier; Jose Gonzalez; Michael Jerome Browne; Fiftymen; Amanda Rheaume; Ball & Chain & The Wreckers; Jim Bryson; The Hammerheads; Alexis O’Hara; Budos Band; Ana Muira; Cooper Brothers; Quarter Life; Steve Marriner; Watters Brothers Rebellion; Royal Wood; Lindsay Ferguson; Samuel James; Jeff Rogers; Evil Farm Children; Anders Drerup; Kid Beyond; Guy Forsyth; Guitar Shorty; Roxanne Potvin; Orchestra Baobab; Sonny Landreth; Guy Davis; Seun Kuti; Dave Bidini Band;  Christine Fellows; Trevor Alguire; Anders Osborne; Samuel James; Harper; Angelique Kidjo; Back Door Slam; Justin Rutledge; Jon Amor; Michael Burks; Chuck Prophet; Eric Eggleston; Brothers Chaffey; Theory of a Dead Man; NQ Arbuckle; Nick Moss & The Flip Tops; Crooked Still; Ladytron; JJ Grey & Mofro; Lil’ Brian Terry & the Zydeco Travelers; Becky Abbott; Hayden; Luke Doucet; Jenn Grant; Guy Forsyth; Krueger Brothers; Elliot Brood; The Holmes Brothers; Nation Beat; Tom Wilson; Otis Taylor Band; The Super Fantastics; Don Vappie; The Bluerunners; Pappy Johns Band; Digging Roots with Hoop Dancer, Jill Buckshot; Sandy Schofield; Billy Joe Green, Mumbo Jumbo Voodoo Combo; The Sauce Boss; Anson Funderburgh & The Rockets; That 1 Guy; David Maxwell; Justin Nozuka; Terry Gillespie; Hollerado; Infected Mushroom; James Blood Ulmer; Terry Evans; The Acorn; HiLoTrons; L’il Ed & The Blues Imperials; Hamell on Trial; Bryan Lee & the Blues Power Band; Chuck Prophet; Catherine Russell; Federico Aubele; Frank Vignola; Rachid Taha; Becky Abbott; Pierre Bensusan; Jully Black; Born Ruffians; Jason Collett; Lil’ Dave Thompson; Tokyo Police Club; The Most Serene Republic; Dorit Chrysler; Jason Ricci & New Blood; Stars; Eric Eggleston; John Nemeth; John Allaire; Harry Manx & Kevin Breit; Lurrie Bell; Nappy Brown; Walter Trout; Rozasia; Hayden; Bernard Allison; Sadie Hell; Ben Cooper; Plants and Animals; Lurrie Bell; Melissa Ferrick; Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed; Three Days Grace; The Dynamites; Brights; Brothers Chaffey; Acres; Nikkii Yanofsky; Balkan Beat Box; Steve Riley & The Mamou Playboys; The Love Machine; Jesse Stewart; If Then Do; Shelby Lynne; Ryan Montbleu Band; World Gospel Jam with Canton Jones, Sharon Riley & Faith Chorale, Sonz of Thunder, Danny Eason, God’s Plan Ministry, New World Son, and Shirley Ceasar; John Kilduff; Porkbelly Futures; Red Volkaert with Cindy Cashdollar; Shakura; Gina Sicilia; Blues in the Schools Performance; Jam Clinic; John Henrys; Grupo Fantasma; The Bush Pilots; Stars; Rozasia; Debbie Davies; Harrison Kennedy; Trevor James and Perfect Gentlemen; Lance Anderson; Nihilist Spasm Band; Baobab Tree and Akpokli; Mr Something Something, Jetplanes of Abraham

The event takes place here in Ottawa, Canada at Lebreton Flats from July 3-13.

For more information, please go to

Last year, I was actually part of the planning process. They changed venues and I wanted to make sure that it would be wheelchair accessible. Myself and another long time Bluesfest fan went to meet the organizers to discuss our concerns about the site. By the time it started, all was set up beautifully and as far as I know, no problems came up. We didn’t get paid or anything, but that’s cool. I was proud just to be a part of it and hopefully it’ll stay that way for years to come.