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First of all, I apologize for not posting for a few days.
It’s been really hot, and when it gets like that, all I want to do is as little as possible.
Like most people, I can only do that for so long.

As most of you know, this past Weekend, was a long Weekend.
My Wife and I spent most of it at the Grand Reopening of the Museum Of Nature.
We spent almost Seven hours there on Saturday, which was utterly insane.

The place was PACKED, and most of our time was spent waiting in lineups to get in, and to even use the Elevators.

While I was there, we paid close attention to Wheelchair Accessibility.

For the most part, it’s not too bad.

Here are my thoughts:


1. One thing we noticed right away was there’s no Wheelchair Access to the outside sitting area/patio/outlook place. The only way for a Wheelchair to get up there is by going through the Museum, and taking the Elevator. Meanwhile, able bodied people can just walk up a few steps. I’m not even sure if they need to pay, but we would need to, just because we need to enter the Building in order to get there.

2. I noticed that many of the Doors to the Exhibit Areas don’t have a button to open the doors. To me, this is a really sad oversight on their part. By not having a Button, most of us are unable to open the doors, and will have to wait for someone to help.

3. Most of the signs in the Exhibits are readable, but some are really hard to get to, due to their location. Disabled people often need to get close to be able to read them, and sometimes it’s not possible. I also suggest that using large print signs for the visually impaired would go a long way. Also, some of the signs are way too low for some of us to read. Personally speaking, I can’t bend down or over to read them, and I imagine not a lot of other Disabled people can either.

4. The Gift Shop is pretty small. I realize that it was packed on the Weekend, but I had a really hard time turning the corners in there. It had nothing to do with people being in the way. The tables for the items on display are simply too close to the shelves. A few extra inches at both ends of the Store would greatly improve the problem.

The positives:

1. The Elevators are HUGE, which is great.

2. It’s great to know that Personal Care Attendants are free. There needs to be more places in Ottawa, besides Museums that offer this. I should also point out that the Museum is free for everyone every Thursday from 5 PM to 8 PM. It’s $10 for Adults any other times.

3. For the most part, Bathrooms are a good size. Some are bigger than others, but that’s pretty much the case anywhere in Ottawa.

4. The small Elevator to get into the Lobby is a lot nicer, and feels much safer than the old one. I remember riding the old one when I was a Kid, and it would often shake and rattle while it was moving.

5. The Lighting is MUCH better in the Museum now, and it doesn’t feel creepy anymore. I can actually see certain displays a lot easier now.

6. The new HD Theatre is fully accessible, complete with spots for People in Wheelchairs, and their Attendant/Friend etc can sit beside them as well.

So there ya go, folks.
That’s what I think of the newly revamped Museum Of Nature in Ottawa.
I’ll be sending a slightly modified version of this post to the Museum.

I plan on returning there sometime this Summer.

Stay cool!


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Yesterday, (Friday) I went for a walk. I was only gone for an hour, but I managed to piss off a Blind man.

Here’s what happened:
The guy was swinging his cane wildly while he was crossing the street.
I was crossing as well, but in the opposite direction.
I veered to the very left side to avoid him, but his Cane hit my Wheel.
He then called me a fucking jerk and told me to watch where I was going.
I just laughed to myself afterwards.

He already seemed pretty pissed off though, before I came along.

I returned home shortly after and spent a few hours with my Wife.

As for (Saturday) today, my Wife and I headed to the Glebe Fine Arts Show.

Along the way, we passed by a Barber Shop.
My Wife was just talking about getting a haircut and I haven’t shaved for a few days now.
So between the two of us, we were prime targets.
One of the guys that works there came out to talk to us.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been considering growing a Beard and Moustache, like the one Mario has on America’s Got Talent I think it would make me look a little darker and edgier than I do now. I tend to have a dark/edgy personality, so it would just go well with it.

Problem is though, if I don’t shave for awhile, it starts to get itchy and I end up shaving it off. Itches sometimes really PISS me off, especially since I can’t scratch it myself.

Luckily, I have a Wife for when I get Crotch itch.
Not to say that it happens often, but it’s good to have options.

Where was I?
Oh yeah…

The other thing is that this Barber Shop charges $44 for that service. That’s pretty insane for me. I’m gonna keep scouting a few other Barber Shops in Ottawa.
Hopefully, I’ll find a good one.
Perhaps, I’ll drop by the Barber Shop that I went to when I was growing up.
I saw my old Barber just last year when I dropped in to say hi, and he remembered me. So, it’s a possibility.

With that, we took the Bus and headed to the Glebe Community Centre.
This was my first time there.
It wasn’t bad. It was hard getting into some of the booths due to the amount of people.
After that, my Wife went to Starbucks to get something to eat before the ride home.

As of right now, I have no plans for tonight.
The Jerry Lewis Telethon For Muscular Dystrophy starts tonight, I think.
Even though, I have MD, I tend to avoid the Telethon.

I don’t agree with how we’re portrayed.
I understand it’s a Telethon and pity sells, but I don’t have to be a part of it, even though I was when I was a kid.
My Disability is a part of me, but it doesn’t define me or my life.

A part of me laughs when I get the Newsletter from the Local Chapter of the MD Association.
I always think that I’ll open it up and it’ll say, Congrats! You may already have MD!

Well, I hope you people enjoy your long weekend.

Thanks for reading.