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I decided to take a break yesterday.
Yes, I fully realize that I don’t have a real Job, but managing my life is a Job, plus I have projects on the side as well.
At least one’s Internet related, but I’ll discuss it another time.

The only thing I did yesterday was go shopping at Walmart with my Wife.
We both bought stuff that we needed, so it was pretty productive.
As far as it being fun, not so much, but at least we went out together.

We came home, and got caught up on America’s Got Talent.

That was it.

As for today, I’ve been trying to work on things, but stuff keeps happening.


Despite the title, this isn’t a post about my sex life.

I know it’s been awhile since my last post.
I have alot to say, so let’s get to it.

So last Saturday, it was crappy outside, so I stayed home.
Later that day, I spent the Evening with my Wife.

Luckily, the next day was beautiful, so we took full advantage of it.

We started off by heading Downtown to check out a Cafe that my Wife heard about.
The place is called Xpresso, and it’s right behind the Metro Grocery Store on Rideau Street.
It’s a pretty nice place, but the pictures on their Website make it look bigger than it is.
The Bathroom is Wheelchair Accessible, they also sell my favorite Beer, and their Espresso’s pretty good.
They also have TVs everywhere.
On Thursdays, they have live Music, so I plan on checking that out at least once this Summer.
If you’re in Ottawa, I suggest you check it out.

If you go, tell them Ryan sent you. They’ll have no idea who the hell you’re talking about, but it might be funny.

So after that, we went Shopping.
Now, as most Married Men know, Shopping with your Wife or sig other is never as quick or easy as we envision.

By the time we were done, it was time for me to go home for a bit.
About thirty minutes later, we headed back out, and walked down by the River.
We just walked around, took pictures of the scenery, and then headed home.
It was nice & romantic.

Monday was my big appointment for my new Wheelchair.
This is the day that I’d get to take a loaner Chair home to try it out.
Before I did that, I got transferred from my old Chair to a bed, so they could transfer my seat to the other Chair.
From there, I got put back into the new Chair, and all set up so I could try out the new Joystick.

At first, I had a hard time driving it because it was too fast, and it kept tipping backwards. I also kept running into things.
After a few minor adjustments, I tried it again, and it went much better.

Later that day, I went to the park to try it out in a wide opened space.
Everything kept getting easier, plus I’m typically a quick learner.

Originally, I was just gonna try it until Thursday, but I was unable to get to my Appointment.
As of now, I’m not sure when I’ll be returning it.
I wish I could try it out for the whole Summer while the paperwork’s being processed, but I doubt it.

On Wednesday, I co-taught a Workshop about Stand-Up Comedy.
This was for people with various Mental Disorders, which made things interesting.

We started off with six people.

One person decided to draw instead of taking notes.
One person became agitated/uncomfortable and decided to leave.
Another person kept coming & going, but eventually stayed.
We ended up having 5 people left by the time it ended.

All in all, it was an interesting experience.
I hope to do it again eventually.

I got home around 1:35 pm.
Little did I know, my day was about to become more interesting.

At 1:41 pm, as I was heading back out to get an Espresso, an Earthquake happened, and it was big, at least for this Area.
My Wife called to see if I was ok, and luckily, everything was ok. Nothing fell or broke.
Her Office Building was being evacuated.

From there, I headed out to try to find her.
I just had this sense that she needed me, and I wanted to be there for her.
Sadly, I couldn’t find her though.
I guess I’ll never make the cover of a cheesy Romance Novel.

There were TONS of people standing around outside because every Office Building Downtown got evacuated.
After awhile, I gave up looking for her & tried to get an Espresso, but most places were closed due to the Quake.
I came across Tim Horton’s, and managed to get a Coffee.

I headed home, & my Wife called soon after that.
She bought me an Espresso, which was damn good.
So at that point, I had half a Cup of Coffee, plus an Espresso.
Since I got up at 8, I needed them both.

We were supposed to go to the Jazz Festival that night, but it rained.
Instead, we ended up having a nice quiet Evening together.

Thursday was a Holiday for French people, so I was able to spend part of the day with my Wife.
We had Espresso, and really delicious Chocolates.

As of now, no real plans this Weekend besides seeing my Mom before she leaves for a Month.

Sorry that this post was so long, but I hope you enjoyed reading it.

It’s a new Month, so that means I’ve hardly had any fun yet.

On Sunday, I headed Downtown to meet my Wife, and did a little shopping.
I didn’t buy anything fun. Just stuff I needed around the House.
After that, we returned home & I did Laundry.

On Monday, we headed to Walmart to buy more stuff we needed.

Today, my Morning was spent training a new Personal Care Attendant. This Afternoon has been spent making Phone calls and I went to the Bank.

My Wheelchair started crapping out last night in Walmart.
It’s annoying because I just got it fixed, but now, the right button’s acting up.
Hopefully, I’ll get a hold of my Repair guy soon.
My new Chair can’t come soon enough.

My Wife & I will be watching America’s Got Talent tonight.
Unlke last year, I will NOT be recapping the shows.
I realize I got TONS of hits because of it, but this is my Blog, and I’m going to focus on writing about my life.
There’s plenty of other sites that will recap it.

Here’s an interesting tidbit:
In a few Weeks, a friend & I will be teaching a Workshop on Comedy.
I’m really looking forward to it because we’ve never worked together before, but he’s a good friend of mine.
I also like the thought of teaching others.
Teacher + Power = Rawr!

What kind of screwed up World are we living in where I can be considered a Teacher, especially in Comedy?
I feel bad for the Students,

Stay in School, kids!

Yesterday, my Wife & I did the 2K Family Run as part of the Ottawa Race Weekend.
This was our first time, and we had a blast!

Our Race started at 4 PM.
We got there around 3:30, and the area was packed.
Right before we started, we ran into a friend of ours, which gave us a little boost, at least for me.

We headed towards the Start line, and as soon as we passed the line, I went full speed.
There was no way I was going to stroll this thing. I also wanted to encourage my Wife to run, and she did for a little while.
I’m very proud of her for it.

As we ran, I started getting a rush from the crowd cheering us on. I’m a kind of person that feeds off crowds and people, which is a great feeling. I’ve always been that way, and I think that’s why I enjoy being in the public eye so much, at least locally.

After awhile, a guy patted me on the Shoulder, and told me I was doing good and to keep it up. My first thought was to laugh. All I was doing was pushing a button, and trying not to run over people in the process.

Needless to say, I kept it up, and I didn’t hit anyone, even though I wanted to.

I crossed the Finish line at 20 minutes, and 34.9 seconds, which was five seconds before my Wife.
We had done it!
After we crossed, we got our Medals, which was a Wooden Necklace.
From there, we cooled off cause it was pretty hot.

We stuck around to see the other Races, and to see my Wife’s Cousin.
She did the full Marathon this Morning, but I wasn’t there.

Next year, I’d like to do the 5K.
Hopefully, I’ll have my new Wheelchair by then.

We got home just before 9 last night.
I gave my Wife a well deserved Foot Massage, and that was our day together.

As for today, I’m meeting my Wife downtown to do a little Shopping and that’s about it.

I hope you all had a good Weekend out there.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend.

On Sunday, my Wife and I went Shopping and I managed to buy two pairs of Pants for $50. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

Today, (Monday) my Wife and I checked out the Labor Day Parade here in Ottawa. Neither of us have ever been to it or even really heard about it before, so we were both curious.

Basically, it was different Workers being pissed off about unfair treatment at work. I always thought Parades were supposed to have happy people celebrating, but apparently not.

After they passed us, we decided to head to the Park where the Parade ended. There was a free BBQ, but we didn’t eat. We stayed for a few minutes just to check it out. The BBQ was at McNabb Park, where I used to go as a kid for Day Camp. I haven’t been there for 20 years, even though I pass by it often on the way home.

By this time, I was starting to melt like a Cripsicle (Crip Popsicle), so we decided to get an Iced Coffee. We went to Tim Horton’s, but they don’t make it. They just have Ice Caps, which don’t exactly agree with me. I guess the idea of putting Ice Cubes in Coffee is a wacky idea at Tim Horton’s. Just like the idea of hiring Staff there that can be understood, also seems like a pretty wacky idea.

But hey, I’m unemployed, what do I know?

We continued our journey in search of Caffinated Heaven, and we found Starbucks.

Ah Starbucks

Starbucks, Starfucks
The first Coffee Shop, I see opened today.
I wish I may.
I wish I might.
Need a Gasoline filled Coffee made just right.

We got an Iced Coffee and had it outside.
Afterwards, we headed down behind The Supreme Court Building to soak up some more sun.

We headed home shortly afterwards.
All in all, we were out in the sun for over three hours.

Tonight, I’m gonna watch WWE Monday Night Raw.
Tonight’s special guest Host is none other than Bob Barker!

That’s gonna be odd to see, but hopefully he does a good job.

I admit that I still watch The Price Is Right, even though Drew Carey’s the Host.
It just isn’t the same without Bob Barker, but at least it isn’t Rosie O’Donnell.
She was rumoured at one point to replace Bob Barker.

Well, tomorrow I’m off to Walmart, which is always fun beyond belief.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.

Last night, I headed to a nearby Restaurant to check out the accessibility.
It didn’t start off too well.

The Restaurant is on the top floor of a Hotel.
You gotta take the Elevator all the way up to the floor below it, have someone walk upstairs, get a key or grab someone with a key, come back downstairs to bring me upstairs.

It’s a retarded setup, but my Wife and I are going there to celebrate tomorrow night.
This could be interesting, but hopefully everything will go well.

As promised, tomorrow, I will be sharing the story of how I proposed to my Wife three years ago in Toronto.

After the Restaurant thing, I headed to the Grocery Store to help out my Wife.
To my surprise, she had just finished her Shopping, so we walked home together.
I spent some time at her place before heading home to watch WWE Monday Night Raw.

America’s Got Talent is on tonight. I’m not gonna predict who’s performing tonight, but I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a full recap, my marriage proposal story, and perhaps a few other things as well.

Thanks for reading.

I finally went to see Bruno yesterday, so here’s my review.

In case you didn’t know, Bruno was a gay character on Da Ali G Show played by Sacha Baron Cohen. The premise of the film is pretty simple.

Bruno gets fired from his Television show on Fashion, and Fashion Shows. From there, Bruno moves to America from Austria, and tries to become famous in LA. He does various things, such as trying to make Peace in the Middle East, and “adopting” a baby. The movie goes into all kinds of unchartered waters. There were several scenes that stood out for me, but I don’t want to spoil too much of it. I’ll talk about one scene in particular though.

One scene involves Bruno at an MMA Event dressed as a “Straight” guy, complete with Beard. His Ex (Male) Lover comes from the crowd and gets into the Cage. At first, they start fighting, then it turns into a HUGE make-out session. The MMA Crowd starts going nuts and begins tossing trash into the Cage/Ring trying to hit them.

As I said, there’s many scenes that stick out, but no spoilers here.

I personally found the movie to be funny as hell, and perversely intelligent like Borat was.

The movie touches on a wide range of topics, such as:
Celebrities (How they adopt babies and join causes just to further their careers.)
Hardcore MMA Fans
U.S. Politics
Terrorist Groups (This is actually a great scene with a Terrorist Group Leader.)
Parents that whore their child in front of Cameras in order to get rich. (Great scenes)
Swinger Lifestyle
Fashion Industry
Sexual Converting

I’m sure there’s a few others thrown in for good measure.

I must warn some of you though. The movie gets graphic pretty fast and it will offend probably many of you, but that’s what makes it work so well. He’s not afraid to show just how ignorant, greedy, superficial, and stupid certain types of people are.

Whether you like Sacha Baron Cohen or not, one has to admit it takes HUGE balls to do what he does in both Borat, and Bruno.
If you don’t believe me, you get to see them in the movie.

I LOVED this movie.
Go see it or rent it when it comes out, but be prepared.

Now here’s the big question.
Is it better than Borat?

That’s tough to answer.
Both movies tackle tough issues in highly amusing fashion. He also goes to great lengths in pissing people off, but effectively gets his points across.

I think I liked them both the same. I think for most people, Borat will be the one that others will remember the most between the two.

The reason for that is Borat was new, innovative, and the character can be used in various ways and situations. Compared to Borat, Bruno is best used strictly to show Homophobia.

In this case, he uses the character extremely well.
Go see it!

Thanks for reading.