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Last night, my Wife & I watched America’s Got Talent, and my three picks managed to move on to the next round. Perhaps, I should play the Lottery or visit the Casino.
So, next week, another group of qualifiers are set to perform and get voted on.
It should be good.

In other (non surpising) news, it’s supposed to rain on Saturday & Sunday. Well, at least Mother Nature being consistant, a consistant bitch, but consistant nonetheless.

So far, my only plan for this weekend is I have a friend dropping by for some beer on Friday night. He’s a former Disabled Stand Up Comedian as well. Needless to say, we always have a fun time together.

I’ve been trying to remember more childhood memories to post here, but I only remember bits and pieces of them.

I hate getting old.
34’s not old, I know, but I still hate it.

Thanks for reading.


So last night, we headed to the Rideau Canal Festival.
On our way there, we took a Double Decker OC Transpo bus. My Wife went to the upper part, so I asked her to take pictures, so I could see what it was like up there. She did, and even took a Video of it.
I was joking around with the Bus Driver asking where the Elevator was.

Anyways, we arrived and right away, we heard Bagpipes blaring, so I got all happy. Anytime I hear them, I always think back to blasting the Record that I had as a kid. Those were good times. Sure, I was surrounded by death & illness, but it was a good day for me if I had my Mickey Mouse Record Player.

We started our journey looking for the metre that we adopted, but we couldn’t find it. I felt like a bad Parent that loss their kid. Our first stop was by the National Arts Centre. They were having dancing from the 1920-1940s. Odd thing was, when we arrived, everybody stopped dancing and parted so we could get through. Nice gesture, but we were there to actually watch them dancing. Oddly enough, they weren’t too fond of disabled people in the 40s either.

Times sure have changed, haven’t they?.

*looks around*

From there, we continued our walk along the Rideau Canal heading towards the Canal Ritz to see some Belly Dancing. We got there to see some of it. I think Belly Dancing’s sexy, especially the ass wiggling. There’s nothing wrong with a little ass wiggling.
We decided to stay to have Dessert. We shared a Chocolate Pound Cake that had Rum, Chocolate Mousse, and Whipped Cream. It was delicious!

Just when we started enjoying the food, the scenery, and the romance, it started raining. At first, it was very light, so we took our time getting to the bus stop. I opened my mouth and said that I was expecting a downpour. Sure enough, a few seconds later, a downpour hit and we bolted to the bus stop.

Note to self: It’s not always good to speak of impending doom, especially if you’re on a date.

By the time we got off the Bus, the rain stopped as we headed home.

As of right now, it’s beautiful outside, so I’m gonna head out.
Have a good one!

Thanks for reading.

After three days of nice weather, rain’s set to return for a few days.

I went to the Doctor’s today. I always feel kinda awkward in Waiting Rooms. Surrounded by sick people, plus Doctors etc. So far, I haven’t had Swine Flu, so thumbs up to that at least.

As usual, the waiting lasted longer than my actual appointment. It has always drove me nuts making appointments. I never get to see Doctors or anyone like that at the specific time.

So why even set times anymore?
You should be able to call up & say that you want to see the Doctor on a certain day or evening. Not enough Doctors work at Night or Weekends, by the way, at least in my personal experience. More Doctors should work Weekends or Evenings. It’d be MUCH easier for people with jobs then. While you’re at it, do the same for Banks too.
I don’t trust online Banking.
You shouldn’t be doing Personal Financial stuff the same way that you use to look at Porn.
Not that I look at Porn.
I’m married, & married men don’t need porn, right?


Anyways, there’s my 2 cents worth.

Alright, moving on…
Now that the rain’s upon us, I’ll probably stay home tonight and relax. I’m hoping that my Wife will want to watch another episode of America’s Got Talent that I recorded over the past few weeks. That’s a pretty fun show actually. The early shows in the season remind me of The Gong Show.

Besides that, I have no other plans for tonight.

Thanks for reading.

It rained for most of the day yesterday, but I was able to catch two performances at Bluesfest.

Curumin — This was a Brazilian Band. Brazil is known for good parties, beautiful women, & good music. At least I thought they were known for good music, but not this time around. I didn’t like the Singer’s voice and he also wasn’t a good Dancer. I wanted to give him credit for singing Beat It, but no, he should’ve just beat it after that, and actually he did. That ws his last song.

Brian Setzer Orchestra — This was great! He did his brand of Swing/Rockabilly music. Unfournately, it started raining soon after it started, so we headed home.

It was a short day 4 for us, but apparently the weather’s gonna be nice for the rest of the week starting today.
There’s TONS of shows still yet to come.

Here’s today’s lineup at Bluesfest 2009:

Subway Stage
12:30 pm Elyssa Mahoney & Lucas Haneman Band
1:30 pm Prescott
2:45 pm Cedric Burnside and Lightnin’ Malcolm
4:15 pm Homemade Jamz’ Blues Band
5:45 pm The Soul of John Black
7:15 pm Hubert Sumlin
9:00 pm Los Lonely Boys

Bank of America Stage
2:00 pm Treasa Levasseur
4:00 pm Divine Brown
6:15 pm Estelle
9:00 pm Joe Cocker

Rogers Stage
1:00 pm The Rebel Year
3:00 pm Punch Brothers featuring Chris Thile
5:00 pm JW Jones Band with Little Charlie Baty
7:30 pm Neko Case

Hard Rock Cafe Stage
1:15 pm Samantha Moore Band
2:45 pm Sedatives
4:15 pm New Mastersounds
5:45 pm King Khan & BBQ Show
7:15 pm Girl Talk
9:00 pm Ani DiFranco

Barney Danson Theatre
1:15 pm Jessica Tyler
2:30 pm Leif Vollebekk
3:45 pm Steve Poltz
5:00 pm Valery Gore
6:15 pm Rick Fines
7:30 pm John Vanderslice
9:00 pm Chris Smither (Blues Meets Folk Series)

Blacksheep Stage
1:30 pm Presented by Exclaim!
1:45 pm The Balconies
3:15 pm Sunparlour Players
4:45 pm Land of Talk
6:15 pm Jenn Grant
7:45 pm Thunderheist
9:30 pm Mother Mother

Rideau Centre Acoustic Series
12:00 pm Shawn Tavenier & Peter Voith

Im not who I’ll be seeing, but I’ll let you know tomorrow.