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Yesterday, I discussed the Media, and how they portrayed me.
Today, I’ll discuss how people in every day life view me.

When I was a Kid, people often felt sorry for me.
For some reason, Adults feel extra sorry for sick kids.
Funny how it seems that people seem to feel differently about sick Adults.
They just seem to care less.

For example, I’ve never seen or heard of a Make-A-Wish Foundation for Adults.
If one existed, and I was dying, I’d either ask to go to Vegas, the Playboy Mansion, or star in a Porn Movie.
Who am I kidding? I’d want to do all three things.

Anyways, back to my point.
As a 35 year old Disabled person, I still get stared at, but typically from the “outsiders”.
By outsiders, I’m referring to Non-Canadians.
Generally speaking, Canadians tend to be more understanding. It also helps that I go out pretty often, and I’m a vital part of the Community that I live in.
People see me out & about, and they catch on that I do stuff just like anyone else does.

I’m assuming that the reason that the “outsiders” stare at me is because they don’t understand. Also, chances are that they kill people like me in their Country, or at the very least, treat them like outcasts.

The World is a messed up place in some parts.

The thing that amuses me is when people on game sites or chatrooms find out that I’m Disabled. Often, their first reaction is “I’m sorry to hear that”.

Why are you sorry?
It’s certainly not your fault, and I’m certainly not bitter about my life.
To me, I think people should feel worse for people who BECOME Disabled, either due to an accident, or a sudden disease.
As for me, I was just born this way. It’s the only life I’ve ever known.

I’ve fought long and hard for even the simple things in life.
That’s ok by me.
It just makes the reward seem sweeter, and I’m truly thankful for everything I have.


So, I picked up my Wife from work yesterday and we headed downtown for a little while. It looked like it was gonna pour at any moment, so we headed home.
As luck would have it, right after we got off the Bus, the Sun started to return. At least, we didn’t get wet though.

Before my Wife came to meet me, an old Woman came up to my Attendant to talk to her. I didn’t know what she said because I was a few feet away. Apparently the Woman told her that she felt sorry for me. Once we found this out, we all started laughing as we left the Building.

The last thing anyone should do is feel sorry for me. I have a pretty good life these days. I’m married to a wonderful Woman who I love very much, possibly more than she knows. I’m generally a happy person and I have the freedom to do whatever I want. Now, if you want to give me money, that’s a different story.

Just kidding!

Speaking of which, I remember one of the times that we went to Montreal and a Woman gave me two Dollars. All I was doing was sitting outside and waiting for my Wife. Oh wait, I get it, she thought I was panhandling. I thought maybe she wanted my “services”.

My bad!

It’s gonna be a busy weekend coming up.
On Friday night, we’re going to some Dance party for the Rideau Canal Festival. My Wife & I “Adopted-A-Metre” and I’m going to name our metre, Asphaltic. I’m just that damn cool. There’s also the Busker Festival this Weekend on the Sparks Street Mall, plus there’s fireworks at the Casino.

We’re not actually going to the Casino to watch them. We did that last year and they have a HORRIBLE setup for Disabled people. I had a good time when the show was happening though.

So, it’s gonna be a busy one. Hopefully, the weather co-operates.

Thanks for reading.