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On Tuesday, I headed over by the casino to meet one of the organizers of the casino sound & light festival to discuss improving wheelchair accessibility.

The ride there was interesting.

The para transpo driver had no idea where I was going, and it had been two years since I had been there. For some odd reason, he kept asking me for directions on how to get there.
There’s a few reasons why that’s a horrible idea.

1. I don’t drive.
2. I assume most disabled People don’t go to home renovation stores often, so I had no idea where to turn off, or what streets to take. (I was going to Reno Depot, which is the french version of Home Depot.)
3. My direction skills are HORRIBLE. I’m not kidding either. I once got lost when I came out another Door of my wife’s workplace.

After about 45 minutes of trying to read french road signs, and asking 3 random car drivers on the road, we discovered that we were in the opposite end of Gatineau. I somehow still managed to make the Meeting semi on time.

Our meeting went well. I was given a very thoroughed tour of the site. As it turned out, the main reason, I had so much trouble 2 years ago is because my wife and I had general admission tickets instead of reserved seating. If you buy tickets for the reserved seating section, you can sit on a platform, which is directly in front of the fireworks.

The view there was absolutely beautiful, and it seems like it’d be incredible at night.
One of my beefs is that I’d have to pay extra for my attendant, which is extremely stupid, plus expensive. So, I will be writing a letter to the festival president to see if they’ll drop that policy.

When I was a kid, a roommate (at the hospital) went on TV to discuss how unfair it was that we had to pay for our personal care attendants if we wanted to see a movie. It turned out that our complaining made life easier for us, and other severely disabled people.

After that, it was up to the theatres on whether or not to let them in for free. Nowadays, for the past few Years, we’ve been issued an “Access 2 Entertainment” card. Whenever I go see a movie or a special event (like wrestling) at the movie theatre, I show them the card, and just pay for myself. The next step is trying to convince concert/sports venues to do the same. I’ve been discussing it with different places for many years now, and it’s a never ending battle.

Speaking of movies, on Tuesday night, I checked out The Other Guys, starring Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell.

For those who don’t know, Mark & Will work for the Police Force, but not as Cops.
Will’s an Accountant, and Mark was relieved of his cop job after shooting Derek Jeter.
The two of them team up to try to solve a crime in the hopes that they can earn a cop job.

This movie pokes fun of other cop movies, especially buddy cops movies.
The duo of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg came off very well, and extremely funny, and it also helped that Eve Mendes was in it too. She played Will’s wife, and Mark’s absolutely stunned that she’s married to Will.

To me, Will Ferrell is a hot/cold type of actor.
On the hot side, he’s been in such great movies as, A Night At The Roxbury, Old School, Anchorman, Elf, Talladega Nights, Step Brothers, and Blades Of Glory.
On the cold side, he’s been in movies like Bewitched, Semi Pro, Stranger Than Fiction, and Land Of The Lost.

To me, The Other Guys, is one of his better movies.

As far as the rating, well, I give it a solid joysticks up. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a Will Ferrell fan.

The rest of my week was spent trying to fix the weekend schedule for my attendants. For the longest time, I’d be without anyone for 32 hours, which is very bad considering I require 24/7 care.
Luckily, I managed to convince people to work, including a brand new attendant, and 2 that no longer work here regularly.
All that matters is that everything worked out, and I’m proud of myself.

As for my weekend plans, Saturday’s gonna be a busy day.
My sister and nephew are in town.

Saturday morning will be spent with my family visiting my Grandmother. My Grandma will be having major surgery next Wednesday, so we’re all gonna visit her at the nursing home.

After that, my sister and I will be heading to a Tattoo Shop to get tattoos. My wife’s coming too, but not getting one done. I hope to shoot some video footage of me getting my tattoo done.

After that, we’re all heading to East Side Mario’s for a family dinner. It’s very rare that we’re all able to be together, so this will be a special occasion, and I’m really looking forward to it.

As for Sunday, I’ll probably sleep and relax after a long day.


So I got some feedback on Facebook yesterday, and alot of hits on this site.
Thank you
It seems you people are interested in the “behind the scenes” of my life.

With that in mind, here’s some more.

So I had an interesting day today.
My Mom ended up having to look after me today for four hours.
Everything went fine, but I wouldn’t allow her to help me Pee. That’s just awkward, and slightly disturbing.
Luckily’ my Wife was able to help me out.

My Mom’s a wonderful lady, and has helped me out alot over the past 35 years. I quite literally wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have her.

The good part was tomorrow’s Mother’s Day, and I was able to give my Mom her gift.
I gave her a Frame that holds three pictures.
My Wife found three pictures of me from different stages of my life and put them in.

In other news…
As sme of you know, I was supposed to be part of a Radio Show on CBC tonight.
The Host informed me that due to time constraints, I won’t be part of it.
He hopes to be able to do it next Weekend though.

So tonight’s a big night for fans of Saturday Night Live.
In case you don’t know, Betty White is finally hosting the show.

This is all due to a massive Facebook Campaign to have her host. I proudly signed up when I heard about it.

I’m a big fan of Betty White actually and have been for years and years.

As I type this, I’m watching a Marathon of The Golden Girls on TV.
I loved that show when I was a kid, and it’s still great to see it now.
It’s too bad that Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty passed away.

I hope you’re all having a good Weekend.
I’d like to wish all the Mothers reading this, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

So I wanted to share something with all of you out there.
This post is going to deal with a certain aspect of my Medical Care, so if you’re a little squeamish, you may wish to stop reading.

For the rest of you, thanks for staying.

As alot of you out there know, I use a Respirator 24/7 because I can’t breathe on my own.
Every hour or so (when awake) I get suctioned.
Suctioning involved putting a Tube down my Throat. The thin tube is hooked up to a small machine that acts like a small Vacuum Cleaner and it sucks fluid from my Lungs.
It’s not exactly very quiet, so needless to say, I get alot of strange looks in Public Bathrooms.

For the most part, the procedure only takes a few minutes, and I resume whatever I was doing.

Now sometimes, I get a “blockage” in my Lungs. When that happens, I have a hard time breathing, which can be pretty scary at times.
To make things more frustrating, the “blockage” tends to move around inside my Chest, and can affect different areas of my Lungs.

This is definitely not a new thing for me, but it’s been happening pretty often lately.
Much like the rest of my Disease, Doctors are baffled by it, which makes it tough anytime I try to look into it.

I’ve literally tried everything that they’ve suggested, but nothing seems to work.

The odd thing is that besides getting those things, I feel pretty healthy.

Anyways, I just felt like sharing that today.
Mostly because I’m experiencing a “blockage” as I write this.

I hope you all have a good Weekend out there.