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My Wife & I headed to Lebreton Flats to hear some free Beethoven Music. It felt very strange going to the same place where Bluesfest was held a week earlier. There were people sitting in Lawnchairs that were my Parent’s ages & even the age of my Grandparents, and kids & babies.

I had the thought in my head of showing up there with my KISS makeup and thinking that Bluesfest was still on. I would’ve done it too, but I don’t have a Video Camera. That’s the kinda thing that I NEED to capture and put it on youtube. People’s reactions would’ve been simply priceless I think.

We stayed there for about 45 minutes relaxing & enjoying the music. It was kinda odd for us, especially for me because I’m not exactly a fan of Classical Music. At least it was free & outdoors.

It rained earlier today & will probably rain more later tonight.
That means it’s time for another childhood memory.

Today, I’m gonna talk about the first time that I broke my leg.
Yes, even people who can’t move much, can still be spazzy.

I was eleven or twelve years old at the time and just recently got my first powered wheelchair. I was in a friend’s room in the Hospital. We were talking about a cute girl that was staying there at the time. We had both wanted to see which one of us would have the guts to go talk to her. I said that I’d go first. So, off I went.

I left his room and started driving my chair really fast up & down the hallway outside her room. In my head I’m thinking that this is gonna impress her & she’ll fall for me solely based on my Wheelchair driving skills.


In my moment of glory, I forgot to take my finger off of the button & I drove right into the window ledge beside the main entrance to the ward. The ledge was at the perfect level to hit just below my right knee.

I immediately started crying right before the Nurses ran towards me to help. At this point, I slowly returned to my room in pain. The whole time, the girl was sitting by her door & laughing at me. To make matters worse, nobody believed me when I said that I thought I broke my leg.

Two weeks later, a Nurse noticed while giving me a bath, that my leg was blueish. As far as we knew, it’s bad when a body part goes blue. Later that day, I had my right leg x-rayed and sure enough, it was broken.

I’m still not sure how I lasted two weeks with a broken leg without a cast. Back then, I was swimming three times a week, plus all the lifting from bed/chair/pool/bath tub etc etc. It’s a miracle that I didn’t need Surgery to repair the bones.

However, there’s a happy ending.
The girl remembered me the next time she returned to the Hospital. She apologized for laughing at me & we became really good friends for a little while. As for the other guy, as it turned out, she wasn’t too fond of him. Sadly, she passed away a few years later and he soon followed.

I guess it’s a happy/sad ending.

Thanks for reading.


Late Friday night, I started getting Chest Pain. At first, they weren’t bad, so I figured that I’d try to sleep it off. As the night went on, the pain got worse and I didn’t sleep at all. By the time Saturday rolled around, I was in extreme pain. It honestly felt like I was being stabbed everytime I breathed.

My Wife & I got to the ER around Noon and waited about 45 minutes for them to admit me. I laid down on the ER bed for at least 30 minutes before anyone really saw me.

They tried 3 times in a row to get blood from me, but no luck, so they stopped for awhile. A little while later, they sent me for X-Rays, which was really painful because they had to sit me up, and put a metal board behind my back.

At this point, things got worse. For those unaware, I use a Ventilator 24/7 to breahe. One sits on the back of my chair as I go about my life. Normally, it runs on an External Battery, which can last 9-10 hours on a good day. I’m also able to plug it into the wall at any point to save Battery Power. When you plug it in, the light goes to “AC Power” to tell you that it’s plugged in the wall and everything’s working properly. It wasn’t switching over. At one point, it started going haywire when I was on my way to get my Chest X-Ray. Luckily, it started working a few minutes later.

So, we kinda had another problem on our hands. I needed to get another Ventilator asap. In between the other tests/procedures that I got, they hooked me up to another Ventilator.

Speaking of tests/procedures, I got Blood taken afterall, an IV, & , an ECG (Electro Cardio Gram), and a CT Scan. A CT Scan is when you go through this machine, while it spins arounds you, and it takes X-Ray images of you.

So after all that, they discovered a Blood Clot on the left side of my Chest. Luckily, they gave Pain Meds, so I could feel comfortable.

So because of the Blood Clot, I now require a daily shot of a Blood Thinner for the next few days. I have a Nurse coming later tonight to give me my 2nd shot. Let me tell you something, I have 5 tattoos, and have been injured many times, but this needle is freakin painful.

As for the Ventilator, a Nurse had to come on my ride home cause they gave me a loaner, so I could get home.

Right now, I’m using the one that I usually use when I’m sleeping. Obviously, tomorrow I’ll have to make some calls, so I can get another one.

As for me, the pain keeps coming and going, but it’s not as bad as yesterday. I’m hoping that things will start getting better now.

They also gave me the same Antibiotics for another 10 days, but nobody seems to know if I should take them while I’m getting my shot.

Sorry for the long post, but that’s the way it happened.

Thanks for reading.