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Last time I posted was on Wednesday, just before using my new Ventilator.

The first night was pretty rough. It kept beeping every few minutes, which meant i got almost no sleep that night. The next day was pretty much a write-off.
I went out for about an hour to try to wake up, but it didn’t really help.

Later that night, I had a surprise visit from two friends of mine, Ashley & Cedric.
They both used to look after me for awhile, and we’ve stayed friends. My Wife & I even attended their Wedding a few years ago, which was pretty fun.
Anyways, I hung out with them for about an hour, which woke me up, and cheered me up.

Thanks guys

I was pretty tired by the time I went to Bed, so I slept like a baby.

Personally, I never understood that saying.
Babies poop, pee, and usually cry & scream at night. I don’t cry & scream, but ok whatever.

Anyways, the next day, I stayed home, but hung out with my Wife that night.

Saturday was a very busy day for us, but we had a blast.

Our first stop was Expresso Cafe, so I could grab an Espresso.
From there, we headed to La Petite Mort Gallery, which is a small Art Gallery in Ottawa.
They’re running an Exhibit, and my Wife knows one of the featured Artists.

Things got interesting.
A few days ago, I emailed the Gallery to see if they were Wheelchair Accessible.
The guy said they had a Ramp, but it was stored in the Basement, and to let them know when I was coming, and they’d get it out.

Well, they put the Ramp out for me when we arrived. It looked pretty steep though, and I didn’t want to try.
The Guy brought out two Sculptures which were made by my Wife’s friend.
One happened to be a Penis, and the other one was a Vagina. So there I was in the middle of the Sidewalk with a Penis & a Vagina on my tray. The whole time, we’re just talking away about them.

After a few minutes, we headed off.
Special thanks to the people at La Petite Mort Gallery for showing me those pieces.

From there, my Wife and I went into a few Stores in the Market on our way to get Gelato.

After the Gelato, we headed to the Rideau Centre for a bit.
My Wife bought me a Starbucks Card, and put $10 on it.

We headed home for a bit to rest up before we headed to the Greekfest.

We arrived there shortly before The Zorba Show.
The Zorba Show is where people dance, break plates and glasses while getting drunk on Ouzo, which is Greek Booze.
I should also mention that part of the show involves them dancing in the middle of a fire circle.
It’s insane!

Speaking of Ouzo, I had three shots of it, and it’s pretty good, perhaps too good.

After the show, they invited everyone to dance, and sure enough we did.

At one point, I got stuck in the middle of a dance circle, so I just started dancing while I was in it. I wish I got that on Video though. It was pretty funny.

Trying to dance while driving a 500 pound Wheelchair is pretty hard, especially after having three shots of Ouzo, but I managed to avoid running anyone over.

We headed home awhile later, but we had a blast though.

As for today, I had Coffee with my Wife. She tried to make Espresso with her Espresso Maker, but it tasted more like Coffee. It was still pretty good.

After that, I did Laundry.
Tonight, I’m heading out to watch WWE Summerslam.

As for this Week, besides the Meeting on Tuesday Morning, no real plans.
My Sister & Nephew arrive on Thursday, but I probably won’t see them until Saturday Morning.

I might go to the Ex on Thursday. The Ex is our annual Fair.

That’s about it.


I decided to head to the Ottawa Greek Festival last night. I had never been before, so I wanted to check it out.

The OC Transpo Bus dropped me off right across the Street, which made things much easier considering I’m not familiar with that area of town.

The first thing I saw was the line-up to get food. It was pretty long, but food isn’t exactly my thing. A Couple people that I knew stopped to talk to me on my way in. Yes, within 10 feet of walking in, I ran into 2 people that I know.

One of them’s deaf. I always feel kinda awkward when I see him cause it’s not exactly easy talking to him. In my mind, I’m thinking that me mouthing to him slowly is about an effective as trying to read lips while watching a Cartoon. He’s a nice guy though and we always manage to be able to chat pretty well, at least for a few moments.

From there, I headed inside the Community Centre to use the Bathroom and see what they had in there. They had an Art Show and Seminars teaching people about the Greek life.

After that, it was time for the Zorba Show. I managed to get a seat up front. Basically, it was Greek people dancing, drinking, breaking plates, and dancing in a circle of fire.

Everybody in the show were so nice to me. I even got into the action when one of the Hosts got me to yell Opa! into the microphone. After the show, some of the Dancers came over to me to take a picture with them.

I headed back inside for a few minutes. I ran into one of the Hosts and he asked me if I had fun. I told him that I had a blast and thanked him for including me. He asked me if I’d return and I answered with a big yes. Of course, I will, I had a BLAST. I plan on bringing my Wife next year.

If you’re in Ottawa and reading this, I highly recommend you check out the Greek Fest. It’s on until next Sunday.

After the show, I headed home.
My Wife called me before bed to tell me about her day with her Dad.

As for me, I’m not sure what I’m doing tonight or tomorrow.
It’s dangerously humid outside, so I’m sitting home with the AC on, and drinking water, as I write this

Thanks for reading.