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On Wednesday, I called my Chair Tech Guy to see if my Controller would be back by Friday. At the time, he didn’t sound too positive about it. Needless to say, I was frustrated at the time.

Eventually, it ended in a good way, but let’s talk about in between.

On Thursday, I headed to B In The Park, which were Bagpipes in a Park. I decided to take a Cab because there was no way that I’d be able to go from the Bus Stop to the Park using my crappy beat up Nintendo Chair Controller.

My Cab showed up at 5:30, and I got down there about fifteen minutes later.
Now, it was my understanding that it would cost $10 to get in, but nobody asked me for it. It’s a good thing cause I spent $10 just getting there.

The first Band were Sons Of Scotland. I think they were a local Pipe Band. They were good, but not as good as The City Of Chicago Marching Band.

Shortly after they came on, I had to go catch my ride home. I booked my ride early, so I could get home to spend time with my Wife before she left for her Dad’s place. She’s gone all Weekend, but at least we were able to spend time together, both Thursday & Friday.

On Friday, I woke up & found out that my Chair Tech Guy dropped of my Controller. I found out soon after that it didn’t work, and neither did my backup one. Luckily, he was able to return a few hours later and he fixed it.

So now, I have my good Controller back, and I’m all set to enjoy the great outdoors this Weekend.

A few hours after he left, I spent a few Minutes with my Wife, and had Iced Coffee.
Not to sound like a Commercial, but Starbucks sells packs of Instant Coffee, which are actually pretty good. I recommend it.

I walked with my Wife to the Bus Stop to catch the Bus to the Train Station. The Bus pulled up right when we got there, so we just had time for a quick kiss.

There was no cheesy Celine Dion song playing or Rain falling, or me crying, or me ripping my shirt off, or glittering, or some crap. Have fun picturing all of that though.

After she left, I went to the Store to buy a Lottery Ticket, then returned home to do Laundry. Good times on a Friday night!

Anyways, like I said, I’ll be out & about all Weekend.
There’s the Busker Fest, & the Rideau Canal Festival, and I’ll be at both.
Both need to improve Wheelchair Accessibility, but I can’t save the World that fast.

I’ll be making mental notes this Weekend on how I can help, if they want it.

I hope you all have a good Weekend out there.


So, as most of you know, I wasn’t at Bluesfest on Thursday Night.
Instead, my Wife& I went to see a one man play put on by good friend, Alan Shain.
For show details, just read one of my posts here from this past week.
The show was pretty good, and I suggest you folks check it out if you can.

With that said, let’s talk about stuff that also happened last night.

My Wife & I went for Dinner before the show at The Table, in Westboro.
I ended up having Chocolate Cheesecake, which was awesome!
The Theatre was right across the Street, and we managed to get inside right before it rained.

After the show, we hung out, & chatted with people, including the main star.
From there, we headed home on the OC Transpo.
We had to transfer soon after because we arrived at the last stop.
No big deal.

That was pretty much our night.

As for (Friday) today, I wanted to do laundry, but I forgot that I was out of Bleach.
I went to Shoppers Drug Mart, but they were out, tried another drugstore, but they were out too.
Finally, I had to go to a Corner Store to get some. I ended up paying almost $5 for it.
At least, I was lucky enough to just miss the rain.

Just because I’m disabled, it doesn’t mean that I don’t deal with life’s little annoyances.

As for Bluesfest, luckily I have a ride tonight so I can see Louis CK even if it rains.
The show’s inside a Tent.
I’m not sure if I’ll get to see anyone else. It depends on the Weather.
Apparently, it’s supposed to be nice all weekend, so even if I only see one show tonight, I’ll make up for it this Weekend.

Weekend highlights for me:
Big Jeezus Truck, Staff Benda Bilili, The Flaming Lips, Steve Poltz (hopefully) & RUSH.
I’m sure there’s TONS more too.

Speaking of Bluesfest, here’s the Interview/Article about me from Bluesfest.

Please check it out.

As I said in my last post, if you see me around the Bluesfest site, don’t be shy, come over & say hi to me. I love meeting new people, especially at Bluesfest.

For those wondering what I look like, well, I drive a HUGE black powered Wheelchair. From the front, I wear a Mic near my mouth to amplify my voice. From the back, I have a Backpack on the back of my Chair, and a Ventilator to help me breathe..

So there ya go.

I hope everyone has a great Weekend out there.

Rock on!

On Saturday, I spent the rest of the day watching movies.
This is what I watched:

The Bucket List
Donnie Darko
Funny People
Dumb & Dumber.

I had seen them all at least once before, but when the weather’s crappy outside, watching movies is fine.
I still haven’t seen Iron Man 2 yet, but perhaps I’ll go sometime this week or weekend.

After a lazy day on Saturday, I was hoping to get out on Sunday, and I certainly did.

My Wife & I attended Westfest, which is a Street Festival, held in Westboro, which is in the west end of Ottawa.
We’ve been going for the past few years now.

They have different businesses/stores open, plus live Entertainment.
We stopped off at an Optometrist’s office, an Ice Cream Store, Outdoors Store & a Coffee Shop.
The rest of the time was spent walking up & down the street getting free stuff.

After we were done, my Wife showed me more of Westboro.
This was actually my first time in the other part of the area.

We started off at another Outdoors Store.
For some reason, I always feel out of place in those places.
At one point, I parked my Chair right beside the Bikes.
I was thinking that someone might try to test drive me, or buy me, but no.

From there, we headed to a HUGE Grocery Store.
My Wife had to get a few things.
We ended up getting off on the wrong floor, and were in the rafters of the Grocery Store.
I kinda got to thinking of turning up my Voice Amp just to see if I could mess with people down below, but I didn’t.

Maybe next time.
You never know where or when I’ll show up.
Just look up to the rafters and you might see me.

Afterwards, we continued our walk, and ended up at a Vegetarian Restaurant, called The Table. I had a Chocolate Fudge Pudding, which was pretty good.

Besides the Bathroom being tricky to get in & out of for me, it’s a pretty nice place actually.

By this time, it was almost 8, so we wanted to head home.

We hopped on an OC Transpo Bus, which was interesting.
The Driver was a Woman probably in her 60’s who quite obviously had a hard time driving the Bus.
Also, the front doors kept opening & closing as the Bus was moving.
To top it off, when we reached our stop, she stopped roughly. My head went forward & back, but luckily, I wasn’t hurt.

Another wacky journey on public transit.

After we got home, I posted the pictures on Facebook, and that was it.

So yesterday, I ate or drank:
Iced Tea
Chocolate & Mandarin Ice Cream
Chocolate Fudge Pudding

All I can say is, well, wish me luck.

It’s cold & raining off & on today, so I’m just staying home.

In other news…
I have two Appointments this week.

On Wednesday, I’m seeing my Respirologist to discuss the results of my Chest X-Ray. They already called and everything appears to be ok, but I still want to see it for myself.
Luckily, I haven’t had any breathing broblems for a few weeks now.
I’ve been using a Humidifier when I sleep, and it seems to be helping.

On Thursday, I have an Appointment to try out my new Joystick for my Wheelchair. I think I’ll be taking it home to try it out for a little while. Hopefully, I don’t get hurt, or hurt others.

So today, I gave a Presentaion on Wheelchair Accessibility, specifically my experiences with it.
Anytime I talk about it, it deperesses me to a degree.
It depresses me because for Ottawa being Canada’s Capital, it’s really not very accessible at all, and makes Canada look really bad.

The Presentation only lasted about fifteen minutes, but I could’ve talked all day about it.
I think I did a pretty good job.

There were about ten people in the room, which is pretty small for me.
Most of them, I hadn’t met before, but that was fine by me.
I did Stand Up Comedy for two years, plus I’ve done public speaking many times before.
For me, this was pretty easy and I wasn’t nervous at all.

I started off talking about Yuk Yuk’s, and how the main one here in Ottawa is no longer Wheelchair Accesible. They changed locations just over a year ago, and I can no longer perform there like I did for two years. The other Club, Absolute Comedy has never been Accessible.

When I tried talking to the Media about it, Yuk Yuk’s refused to discuss it, and therefore, the only way that I can discuss it openly is on here, giving speeches, or just to people.

So, because of all that, I’m lucky to get two shows a year, while all of my Comedian friends can basically perform anywhere.

I’m not bitter about it, and I wish my friends/peers continued success. That “bitter” phase left me ages ago. I just think it’s really messed up, and I was treated really unfairly by the Managers of Yuk Yuk’s in Ottawa.

From there, I discussed how Accessibility affects me personally and socially.
Then I discussed how some of these places could fix the problem by installing a Ramp.
I understand it won’t work in all cases, but it would be a good start.

After that, I discussed the fact that it’ll be mandatory for all Building to be Accessible by 2025.

Then I discussed my theory that Businesses either don’t want to buy a Ramp due to cost, or they just don’t want to spend the money.

I explained that it would be beneficial, not just for Disabled people, but also due to our aging population. Old people want to be active and sociable too.

Frozm there, it was time for a Q & A.

One Woman asked if I thought the Government was doing enough and if they should offer more incentives for Business Owners.

There were a few other questions as well.
The only minor problem was when a guy with a very bad stutter asked me a question. At first, I couldn’t understand him, but I asked him to repeat it, and I understood, and answered him.
He asked if I though Ramps were better if they were installed at the time of Construction, or after awhile.
I was glad that he repeated it, and that I could answer.

Another guy with a thick accent asked about OC Transpo.
I spoke briefly about the Baby Stroller Debate, and how some Mothers/Nannies/Sitters barge in front of me to get on the Bus.

All in all, I think I did very well.
I have no doubt that I could do Public Speaking more often.
The only problem is that some days my voice sounds horrible, and the breathing problems that I’ve been having lately.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Yesterday, (Friday) I went for a walk. I was only gone for an hour, but I managed to piss off a Blind man.

Here’s what happened:
The guy was swinging his cane wildly while he was crossing the street.
I was crossing as well, but in the opposite direction.
I veered to the very left side to avoid him, but his Cane hit my Wheel.
He then called me a fucking jerk and told me to watch where I was going.
I just laughed to myself afterwards.

He already seemed pretty pissed off though, before I came along.

I returned home shortly after and spent a few hours with my Wife.

As for (Saturday) today, my Wife and I headed to the Glebe Fine Arts Show.

Along the way, we passed by a Barber Shop.
My Wife was just talking about getting a haircut and I haven’t shaved for a few days now.
So between the two of us, we were prime targets.
One of the guys that works there came out to talk to us.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been considering growing a Beard and Moustache, like the one Mario has on America’s Got Talent I think it would make me look a little darker and edgier than I do now. I tend to have a dark/edgy personality, so it would just go well with it.

Problem is though, if I don’t shave for awhile, it starts to get itchy and I end up shaving it off. Itches sometimes really PISS me off, especially since I can’t scratch it myself.

Luckily, I have a Wife for when I get Crotch itch.
Not to say that it happens often, but it’s good to have options.

Where was I?
Oh yeah…

The other thing is that this Barber Shop charges $44 for that service. That’s pretty insane for me. I’m gonna keep scouting a few other Barber Shops in Ottawa.
Hopefully, I’ll find a good one.
Perhaps, I’ll drop by the Barber Shop that I went to when I was growing up.
I saw my old Barber just last year when I dropped in to say hi, and he remembered me. So, it’s a possibility.

With that, we took the Bus and headed to the Glebe Community Centre.
This was my first time there.
It wasn’t bad. It was hard getting into some of the booths due to the amount of people.
After that, my Wife went to Starbucks to get something to eat before the ride home.

As of right now, I have no plans for tonight.
The Jerry Lewis Telethon For Muscular Dystrophy starts tonight, I think.
Even though, I have MD, I tend to avoid the Telethon.

I don’t agree with how we’re portrayed.
I understand it’s a Telethon and pity sells, but I don’t have to be a part of it, even though I was when I was a kid.
My Disability is a part of me, but it doesn’t define me or my life.

A part of me laughs when I get the Newsletter from the Local Chapter of the MD Association.
I always think that I’ll open it up and it’ll say, Congrats! You may already have MD!

Well, I hope you people enjoy your long weekend.

Thanks for reading.

Today, is my Third Anniversary of when I proposed to my Wife.
As promised, here’s the story of how it happened. The story’s one of my favorites, and it even includes an International Political Figure who’s actually in the news today.

It all started a few weeks before our trip to Toronto. I was on an OC Transpo bus heading to Walmart to get a few things. I knew I had a big trip coming up and I wanted to get her something special.

My Attended reminded me that they sold Engagement Rings at Walmart. At first, I was skeptical of buying it at Walmart. It just didn’t seem like something that I’d buy at Walmart.

I walked in and headed to the Counter to look at Rings. After about 15 or 20 minutes, I found the one that I wanted and thought that would look good on her finger. All I had to do was figure out how to propose to her.

The next few weeks were rough on me. I wrote, and rewrote the proposal. I’m not the type of guy that follows a script. When I did Comedy, I would often improvise on the spot during my set. Needless to say, this wasn’t an easy task.

As weeks turned into days before our trip, I was getting more and more nervous every day. Soon it was time to go to the Train Station.

We arrived at the Ottawa Train Station, not knowing who was going to be in First Class with us.

While we were waiting in the Train Station’s VIP Lounge, we saw Luba Goy. Luba Goy is a Lengendary Canadian Comedian, most notable from the Royal Canadian Air Farce. Sadly, I remembered her most from being on Mr. Dressup and other kids shows.

For most of the ride, she sat elsewhere in our section. At one point, she walked by us to use the bathroom. On her way back, I yelled out, hey, I know you. From there, she introduced herself and she asked to join us. I must admit that I was a little starstrucked, just because she’s a Comedy Legend. At the time, I was just a few days away from my first Comedy gig ever. This was a pretty big deal to me.

She stayed with us for the rest of the trip, which was about two hours at this point. She was a great lady, very interested in us and our story etc. She even called me a few days later and literally left a 5 minute message on my voicemail. I was sad that I missed her call. I tried to contact her, but had no luck.

As if that wasn’t odd enough, there was someone else sitting near us, who’s pretty well known too. As it turned out, The President Of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai was sitting beside us surrounded by Bodyguards.

At first, I didn’t believe it, but Luba Goy, and my Wife confirmed it. I googled him when we returned home, sure enough, it was him. He made small talk with us for a few minutes, which was pretty neat.

Our Train arrived, and my Wife & I headed to our Hotel right across the Street. We managed to get a Suite at the Fairmont Royal York. The room was HUGE, and I could actually use the bathroom. I can’t even do that in my home.

The moment was soon to arrive. I decided that I wanted to be comfortable, so I proposed to her just wearing Boxers. She was wearing something comfty and sexy as well.

All I truly remember from the Proposal is saying that I want to tell her something. Apparently, I freaked her out because she thought I was mad at her or something. That’s not a good way to begin a Proposal.
As it turned out, she said yes, and I later found out that she was hoping that I’d ask.

We went to bed after that. Believe it or not, this was the first time we were able to sleep together. The reason is because I was still using a Hospital Bed at the time, and it was just a single bed. In fact, whenever she stayed over, she’d have to sleep on the floor. Needless to say, we didn’t really sleep that night in Toronto.

The next morning, we ordered room service. I managed to frighten the guy with an overly friendly hello from my bed, which was about 40 or 50 feet from the door. Hey, I got engaged, and spent the night having great sex. I think you’d be pretty happy too.

My Wife & I spent a few hours sightseeing in Toronto and went up The CN Tower, which was my second time there at that point. I went back one time since, which was just last Summer.

A few hours later, we headed back to Ottawa. There wasn’t anyone famous on our journey back, but we had a train load of memories.

Tonight we’re heading to a revolving Roof Top Restaurant to celebrate.

It’s not as high as The CN Tower, but it’s not easy to when you’re still on top of the world, three years later.

So, last night was full of performances on America’s Got Talent.
Here’s a list of who performed:

Ishaara (Bollywood Dance Group)
Barbara Padilla (Opera Singer)
Pam Martin’s Top Dogs (Dog Variety Act)
African High Flyers (Acrobats)
Mia Boostrom (Singer/Musician)
Erik and Rickie (Ballroom Dancers)
Coney Island Chris (Sideshow)
Matt & Anthony (Dance/Musician Duo)
The Lollipop Girls (Burlesque Dance Troupe)
Drew Stevyns (Singer/Guitarist)
Recycled Percussion Band (Band)
The EriAm Sisters (Singing Group)

I didn’t get a chance to vote before the deadline, but the first two acts (Ishaara, & Barbara Padilla) were pretty good.

Ishaara knows their Bollywood stuff and they did a great job. Barbara Padilla also turned in a great performance. Opera isn’t my thing, but I like people with true talent in Music.

Pam Martin’s Top Dogs were alright, but Dog Acts tend to bore me after awhile.
African High Flyers weren’t bad, but their Audition was better.

Mia Boostrom tried out last year, but didn’t make it. This time around, she did a Leonard Cohen song that suited her. It was a pretty strong performance.
Erik and Rickie were very good. They’re only 8 and 9 years old, but danced like Adults who’ve done it their whole life. I was VERY impressed by them.

The Lollipop Girls were sexy and danced well, plus gave a show suited for Las Vegas. On the other hand, Coney Island Chris absolutely bombed. He lit his Tongue on fire, and blew flames. We’ve all seen that.

I’m not really sure what Matt & Anthony are trying to do. One sings with a Guitar while the other is tap dancing. Odd combo.
Drew Stevyns has an ok voice, but far from being the best Singer on the show. He also looks like just another douche bag with a Guitar.

Recycled Percussion Band has been done to death already. They’re like the Blue Man Group minus the make-up.
The EriAm Sisters were very good at doing a Destiny’s Child song.

Out of the ones that performed last night, here’s my choices for the ones to move on:
Barbara Padilla
Mia Boostrom
Erik and Rickie
The Lollipop Girls
The EriAm Sisters

We’ll find out tonight who moves on to the next round.

Thanks for reading.

I decided to head to the Ottawa Greek Festival last night. I had never been before, so I wanted to check it out.

The OC Transpo Bus dropped me off right across the Street, which made things much easier considering I’m not familiar with that area of town.

The first thing I saw was the line-up to get food. It was pretty long, but food isn’t exactly my thing. A Couple people that I knew stopped to talk to me on my way in. Yes, within 10 feet of walking in, I ran into 2 people that I know.

One of them’s deaf. I always feel kinda awkward when I see him cause it’s not exactly easy talking to him. In my mind, I’m thinking that me mouthing to him slowly is about an effective as trying to read lips while watching a Cartoon. He’s a nice guy though and we always manage to be able to chat pretty well, at least for a few moments.

From there, I headed inside the Community Centre to use the Bathroom and see what they had in there. They had an Art Show and Seminars teaching people about the Greek life.

After that, it was time for the Zorba Show. I managed to get a seat up front. Basically, it was Greek people dancing, drinking, breaking plates, and dancing in a circle of fire.

Everybody in the show were so nice to me. I even got into the action when one of the Hosts got me to yell Opa! into the microphone. After the show, some of the Dancers came over to me to take a picture with them.

I headed back inside for a few minutes. I ran into one of the Hosts and he asked me if I had fun. I told him that I had a blast and thanked him for including me. He asked me if I’d return and I answered with a big yes. Of course, I will, I had a BLAST. I plan on bringing my Wife next year.

If you’re in Ottawa and reading this, I highly recommend you check out the Greek Fest. It’s on until next Sunday.

After the show, I headed home.
My Wife called me before bed to tell me about her day with her Dad.

As for me, I’m not sure what I’m doing tonight or tomorrow.
It’s dangerously humid outside, so I’m sitting home with the AC on, and drinking water, as I write this

Thanks for reading.