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It’s a new Month, so that means I’ve hardly had any fun yet.

On Sunday, I headed Downtown to meet my Wife, and did a little shopping.
I didn’t buy anything fun. Just stuff I needed around the House.
After that, we returned home & I did Laundry.

On Monday, we headed to Walmart to buy more stuff we needed.

Today, my Morning was spent training a new Personal Care Attendant. This Afternoon has been spent making Phone calls and I went to the Bank.

My Wheelchair started crapping out last night in Walmart.
It’s annoying because I just got it fixed, but now, the right button’s acting up.
Hopefully, I’ll get a hold of my Repair guy soon.
My new Chair can’t come soon enough.

My Wife & I will be watching America’s Got Talent tonight.
Unlke last year, I will NOT be recapping the shows.
I realize I got TONS of hits because of it, but this is my Blog, and I’m going to focus on writing about my life.
There’s plenty of other sites that will recap it.

Here’s an interesting tidbit:
In a few Weeks, a friend & I will be teaching a Workshop on Comedy.
I’m really looking forward to it because we’ve never worked together before, but he’s a good friend of mine.
I also like the thought of teaching others.
Teacher + Power = Rawr!

What kind of screwed up World are we living in where I can be considered a Teacher, especially in Comedy?
I feel bad for the Students,

Stay in School, kids!

So I got some feedback on Facebook yesterday, and alot of hits on this site.
Thank you
It seems you people are interested in the “behind the scenes” of my life.

With that in mind, here’s some more.

So I had an interesting day today.
My Mom ended up having to look after me today for four hours.
Everything went fine, but I wouldn’t allow her to help me Pee. That’s just awkward, and slightly disturbing.
Luckily’ my Wife was able to help me out.

My Mom’s a wonderful lady, and has helped me out alot over the past 35 years. I quite literally wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have her.

The good part was tomorrow’s Mother’s Day, and I was able to give my Mom her gift.
I gave her a Frame that holds three pictures.
My Wife found three pictures of me from different stages of my life and put them in.

In other news…
As sme of you know, I was supposed to be part of a Radio Show on CBC tonight.
The Host informed me that due to time constraints, I won’t be part of it.
He hopes to be able to do it next Weekend though.

So tonight’s a big night for fans of Saturday Night Live.
In case you don’t know, Betty White is finally hosting the show.

This is all due to a massive Facebook Campaign to have her host. I proudly signed up when I heard about it.

I’m a big fan of Betty White actually and have been for years and years.

As I type this, I’m watching a Marathon of The Golden Girls on TV.
I loved that show when I was a kid, and it’s still great to see it now.
It’s too bad that Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty passed away.

I hope you’re all having a good Weekend.
I’d like to wish all the Mothers reading this, a very Happy Mother’s Day.

The Finals were held last night on America’s Got Talent.
Here’s who performed and what happened:

Barbara Padilla (Opera Singer)
She did the Song that she performed at her Audition. She blew me away with her performance. My only problem with her is that she sounds too good. Part of me thinks that she’s secretly a Professional Opera Singer, and therefore shouldn’t be in a Competition like this.

Drew Stevyns (Singer/Guitarist)
He did a cover of Chrissie Hines’s “I’ll Stand By You”, which is a pretty good Song. I just didn’t like his version of it. He’s a douche bag and he annoys me.

Hairo Torres (Breakdancer)
He did a “tortured soul” bit as part of his set, which I thought was pretty interesting. I can somewhat relate to that.

Lawrence Beamen (Singer)
He did a cover of a Barry White Song. I didn’t like it. When I think of Barry White, I picture getting freaky with a Woman. Put it this way, he went into the Crowd and just stood in a front of a Girl and just sang. Like I told my Wife, if that was me, I’d grope the Girl while I sang. As my Wife said, he needed to put his Cock into it. I sure as hell would.

Recycled Percussion (Band)
Ok, so you got The Blue Man Group Lite here. Their set featured two of their members getting wet and banging on things. I could go for the easy joke here, but I’ll pass.
I didn’t like them.

Fab Five (Power Tap Dancers)
Ah, the all Female Tap Dancing version of The Osmonds. What can I say? they danced, smiled, and talked about their happy Family life. No thanks.

Grandma Lee (Comedian)
She started off strong with a joke about Ryan Seacrest watching Brokeback Mountain. She finished strong with a joke about her new love, Simon Cowell. I found the middle part of her set kinda weak. It’s too bad cause I really enjoyed her other sets.

Kevin Skinner (Singer/Guitarist)
Another one of my faves here. He did a cover of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”, which is another great song, but he should’ve done it without a Band. I think he would’ve nailed it otherwise.

The Texas Tenors (Singing Group)
I took this time to go to the Bathroom. When I came back, they sounded like they were barking or beying at the Moon. Either way, it wasn’t good.

The Voices of Glory (Singers)
They did a cover of Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love Of All”. I couldn’t even bear to watch it. Their voices certainly didn’t sound glorious. I’ve seen better acts in Churches, and I never go to Church.

Out of all of these, I think Barbara Padilla has the best shot at winning this year’s America’s Got Talent.

The results will be announced tomorrow night.
Also scheduled for tomorrow is a Performance by Susan Boyle.
Apparently she did a cover of The Rolling Stones “Wild Horses”.
I haven’t actually heard it yet, but I’ve heard that it’s pretty good.

I’ll be back either late tomorrow night or on Thursday to let you know who won.

Thanks for reading.

I hope you all had a good weekend.
Mine was pretty low key, but that can be a good thing.

As most of you know, I’ll be watching America’s Got Talent tonight.
Tonight is the night where all 10 of the remaining Performers will be performing LIVE on Stage. After the Show, you guys get to vote and on Wednesday night, the big Winner will be announced.

Here’s the list of the Finalists slated to perform tonight:

Barbara Padilla (Opera Singer)
Drew Stevyns (Singer/Guitarist)
Hairo Torres (Breakdancer)
Lawrence Beamen (Singer)
Recycled Percussion (Band)
Fab Five (Power Tap Dancers)
Grandma Lee (Comedian)
Kevin Skinner (Singer/Guitarist)
The Texas Tenors (Singing Group)
The Voices of Glory (Singers)

Like I wrote the other day, I’m going for Grandma Lee, or Kevin Skinner. It’s gonna be interesting to see who wins.
Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a recap of the Show and who I voted for.

Now on to other stuff.
I have some big news to share with you all.
As some of you know, I was forced to stopped doing Stand-Up Comedy a year ago, simply because there weren’t any Wheelchair Accessible Comedy Clubs left in Ottawa.
We all know it’s unfair, wrong and all that crap. We don’t need to get into that again, at least not right now.

The good news is that I’m happy to say that I’ll be doing Stand-Up Comedy once again in Ottawa.
Here’s the information:

I will be performing Stand Up Comedy LIVE at Algonquin College on Wednesday October 21st. The show starts at 9 PM in The Observatory Bar but you MUST be there BEFORE 8:30. The show is FREE, but you MUST have VALID ID to get in. I’ll be doing ALL NEW jokes, so come check it out!

For more details, please feel free to contact me either by replying to this post, or by email at
I hope to see alot of you there.
Hell, I want a sell out.
I’m hoping that if it sells out or we get alot of people that they’ll have me back more often.
Please support the ONLY Local Wheelchair Accessible Comedy Venue left in Ottawa, Canada.

Now I gotta get back to writing my set.

Thanks for reading.

On Wednesday, the results were announced for the last group in the Semi Finals of America’s Got Talent.

Here’s who’s moving on:

Barbara Padilla (Opera Singer)
Drew Stevyns (Singer/Guitarist)
Hairo Torres (Breakdancer)
Lawrence Beamen (Singer)
Recycled Percussion (Band)

I don’t think Recycled Percussion, or Drew Stevyns should be there.
Personally, I’d replace them with AcroDunk, and Mario & Jenny.
That’s just my opinion though.

On Monday night, the 10 remaining will perform in the Final, and the next night, we find out who wins.

Here’s the full list of Performers that will be performing this Monday night:

Barbara Padilla (Opera Singer)
Drew Stevyns (Singer/Guitarist)
Hairo Torres (Breakdancer)
Lawrence Beamen (Singer)
Recycled Percussion (Band)
Fab Five (Power Tap Dancers)
Grandma Lee (Comedian)
Kevin Skinner (Singer/Guitarist)
The Texas Tenors (Singing Group)
The Voices of Glory (Singers)

I’m still hoping that it’ll either be Grandma Lee or Kevin Skinner. It’s gonna be tough though cause I was pretty impressed with Barbara Padilla. Even though I’m not a fan of Opera, I know talent when I see it.
Either way, it’ll be very interesting to see who wins it all.

Thanks for reading.

The Texas Tenors got the votes.
Grandma Lee got the votes.
Kevin Skinner got the votes.
Both Voices Of Glory and Fab Five got the Judges decision.
The Judges couldn’t decide who was better.

So, your first batch of Finalists are:
The Texas Tenors
Grandma Lee
Kevin Skinner
Voices Of Glory
Fab Five

As of right now, only two of my picks are moving on to the Finals.

On Tuesday, the next batch of Semi Finalists performs live.

Thanks for reading.

Last night America’s Got Talent began the Semi Finals with 10 live performaces.
This is who performed:

Acrodunk (Basketball Dunking Entertainers)
The Texas Tenors (Singing Group)
Paradizo Dance (Acrobatic Dance)
Drew Thomas Magic (Illusionist)
Tony Hoard & Rory (Animal Act)
The Voices of Glory (Singers)
Fab Five (Power Tap Dancers)
Grandma Lee (Comedian)
Arcadian Broad (Dancer)
Kevin Skinner (Singer/Guitarist)

Acrodunk kicked things off with their high flying moves. They even jumped through fire hoops. They set the bar pretty high for the rest of the acts.

The Texas Tenors were up next. I’m not sure what song they sang. They sounded pretty good, but a little too cheesy for me.

Paradizo Dance were pretty good. Apparently the guy burnt his fingers during rehearsal, which kinda hindered the performance, but still pretty solid.

Drew Thomas Magic kinda disappointed me. For his act, he had three Assistants appear, he then had his Daughter appear with his Assistants as dolls and she was holding them. I personally found it cheesy and using Nickelback for his music didn’t help his cause either.

Tony Hoard & Rory were up next. As I’ve stated before, I’m not a fan of Dog Acts. I personally find them boring and repetitve. Their show last night had a DJ and backup Dancers. I don’t see the point of that when the rest of their show was a Dog catching a Frisbee.

The Voices Of Glory delivered a strong performance. I’m not a fan of Church music, but they sang pretty well. I really can’t see them fitting in well in Las Vegas though.

Fab Five were up next. They performed in sync and are pretty sexy and talented.

Grandma Lee started off her set surrounded by half naked guys. Then, she brought the laughs. She covered topics such as Barack Obama’s stimulation package, old age, & getting it on with David Hasseloff and Piers Morgan. I think Grandma Lee’s suited for Las Vegas. I feel that she’s being held back right now because America’s Got Talent is “Family friendly”. If she gets to Vegas, she can be raunchy and dirty for that crowd.

Arcadian Broad was next. His show reminded me of “High School Musical”. After his show, he let it slip out that he didn’t want to do it, but the Producers forced him into doing a “High School Musical” show. Nick Cannon (Host) quickly pointed out that the Performers get the final say on what they wish to do. Who would’ve thought that a live Reality Show would be rigged? I’m totally shocked by this. I wonder if he’ll be kicked off, I mean “voted off” for saying that.

Kevin Skinner was the last one to perform. He did a great cover of “You were always on my mind” by Willie Nelson.

Out of last night’s show, I voted for Acrodunk, Paradizo Dance, Drew Thomas Magic, Grandma Lee, and Kevin Skinner.

We’ll find out tonight who moves on to the Finals.
I’m still thinking that Grandma Lee, Mario & Jenny, or Drew Thomas will win the whole thing. I feel less confident that Paradizo Dance will win it all.

I could be wrong.
Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading