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So today, I went to see my Respirologist and everything’s fine with my Lungs.
I took a look at my Chest X-Ray, which interests me greatly.

There’s a little bit of white stuff inside, but he explained that it’s just scarring, which is pretty normal for me.
Now he’s sending me for an Echocardiogram, which is basically an Ultrasound on my Heart. Nothing to worry about. It’s just to make sure everything’s ok.
It’s not until the end of August, so all’s good for the Summer.

Before every appointment with him, they hook me up to two Monitors.
One measures my Heart rate, and the other one monitors the amount of Carbon Dioxide when I breathe.

Now, in case you’re just tuning in to my Blog, I should point out that I can’t breathe at all on my own. When they check those things, one of the plugs has to hook up to the actual Ventilator Tube.

The “Nurse” had no idea what to do and she thought she needed to put nose clips on me, so I wouldn’t let too much air out.
Well I had to inform her that air doesn’t come out of me like that, and to just use the regular attachment.
Once she had it all set up, she told me to close my mouth & my nose.

Ok, how the hell do I close my nose?
Is that even possible?

Anyways, I’m going back in six months.

I received some good news today, both regarding Bluesfest.
It looks like they’ll be putting in at least 2 elevated platforms, so that people in Wheelchairs can see over people’s heads. That’s pretty good, and I’m proud of myself for suggesting that to them.

Secondly, I’ll be doing an online interview shortly to discuss Wheelchair Accessibility, and everything that’s involved with making it more Accessible.

I think it’s very important that people know about it, and how important Wheelchair Accessibility is, especially for a HUGE World Reknowned Music Festival.

Once I know when the interview is, I will post that information here.

Tonight, I’m heading out to finally see Iron Man 2.


On Saturday, I spent the rest of the day watching movies.
This is what I watched:

The Bucket List
Donnie Darko
Funny People
Dumb & Dumber.

I had seen them all at least once before, but when the weather’s crappy outside, watching movies is fine.
I still haven’t seen Iron Man 2 yet, but perhaps I’ll go sometime this week or weekend.

After a lazy day on Saturday, I was hoping to get out on Sunday, and I certainly did.

My Wife & I attended Westfest, which is a Street Festival, held in Westboro, which is in the west end of Ottawa.
We’ve been going for the past few years now.

They have different businesses/stores open, plus live Entertainment.
We stopped off at an Optometrist’s office, an Ice Cream Store, Outdoors Store & a Coffee Shop.
The rest of the time was spent walking up & down the street getting free stuff.

After we were done, my Wife showed me more of Westboro.
This was actually my first time in the other part of the area.

We started off at another Outdoors Store.
For some reason, I always feel out of place in those places.
At one point, I parked my Chair right beside the Bikes.
I was thinking that someone might try to test drive me, or buy me, but no.

From there, we headed to a HUGE Grocery Store.
My Wife had to get a few things.
We ended up getting off on the wrong floor, and were in the rafters of the Grocery Store.
I kinda got to thinking of turning up my Voice Amp just to see if I could mess with people down below, but I didn’t.

Maybe next time.
You never know where or when I’ll show up.
Just look up to the rafters and you might see me.

Afterwards, we continued our walk, and ended up at a Vegetarian Restaurant, called The Table. I had a Chocolate Fudge Pudding, which was pretty good.

Besides the Bathroom being tricky to get in & out of for me, it’s a pretty nice place actually.

By this time, it was almost 8, so we wanted to head home.

We hopped on an OC Transpo Bus, which was interesting.
The Driver was a Woman probably in her 60’s who quite obviously had a hard time driving the Bus.
Also, the front doors kept opening & closing as the Bus was moving.
To top it off, when we reached our stop, she stopped roughly. My head went forward & back, but luckily, I wasn’t hurt.

Another wacky journey on public transit.

After we got home, I posted the pictures on Facebook, and that was it.

So yesterday, I ate or drank:
Iced Tea
Chocolate & Mandarin Ice Cream
Chocolate Fudge Pudding

All I can say is, well, wish me luck.

It’s cold & raining off & on today, so I’m just staying home.

In other news…
I have two Appointments this week.

On Wednesday, I’m seeing my Respirologist to discuss the results of my Chest X-Ray. They already called and everything appears to be ok, but I still want to see it for myself.
Luckily, I haven’t had any breathing broblems for a few weeks now.
I’ve been using a Humidifier when I sleep, and it seems to be helping.

On Thursday, I have an Appointment to try out my new Joystick for my Wheelchair. I think I’ll be taking it home to try it out for a little while. Hopefully, I don’t get hurt, or hurt others.

As some of you know, I lived at the Childrens Hospital Of Eastern Ontario for nineteen years.
This weekend is their annual Telethon on CTV Ottawa, so I’d like to take a few moments to talk about them, and how they helped me.

I was born in 1975 with a rare form of Muscular Dystrophy called Nemaline Myopathy.
When I was six months old, my lungs collapsed, and I was rushed to CHEO, where I’d live unti 1994.

For the first six years, I lived in ICU, mostly because I was only given a year to live.
Due to my strength, and determination, and the Doctors & Nurses, I refused to give up.

Six years later, they decided to transfer me to 4 West.
4 West was full of kids my own age, and I was able to interact with them, which was a whole new experience for me.
I made a ton of friends, and was considered the “big Brother” to many. I’d literally spend hours hanging out with kids, and trying to distract them from their worries.
Whenever a new kid arrived, I’d be the one to show them around, and try to calm their fears.

Sadly, most of those kids passed away.

Despite that happening, I wouldn’t trade those memories in for anything. I learned quite alot at a very young age, which has helped me today.

In 1992, due to funding cuts, 4 West was closed.
Myself, & another Male Patient were transferred to 5 North.

I refer to these times as my dark days of CHEO. The reason is because 5 North is where they put the long term care patients. It mostly consisted of babies, and/or kids who weren’t really able to communicate. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy to be there, and I refused to let my friends see me like that.

In 1994, I left CHEO.
At the time, and for several years following, I tried to seperate myself as much as I could.
In my mind, I didn’t want to only be known as “CHEO’s longest resident”.
I wanted to be my own person, and do other incredible things with my life.
I’ve certainly done many things since 1994.

At this point of my life, I feel that I’d like to do my part in discussing CHEO and everything they did for me in nineteen years. The Nurses & Doctors there saved my life many many times, and for that, I will always be grateful.

Recently, I’ve been lucky enough to have contact again with a few Nurses there, and they’ve shed light on what I was like back then.

It was tough for all of us, but we made the best of it, and most importantly, they helped me survive, and made me into the person that I am today.

Without CHEO, I wouldn’t be here right now.

To those of you in Ottawa, Canada, I ask you to please donate to CHEO.
My Story is only one of millions & millions of kids that have been helped by them.

For those not living in Ottawa, please donate to your local Childrens Hospital.
There might just be another kid growing up there like I did.

Thank you

On Wednesday, I went to see my Respirologist to tell him about my recent Lung blockages.

Long story short, I’ll be getting a Chest X-Ray next Week, and he suggested for me to start using my Humidifier at home again.

I’m not a fan of using the Humidifier because last time I used it, I got sick. I got sick because Water kept getting into my Lungs, which isn’t really a good thing.

At this point though, I’m willing to try aything.
I’m going back to see him on June 16th.

While I was in his Office, we went through all of my old Chest X-Rays.
X-Rays have always interested me, even as a Kid. I think it’s cool looking at your own insides.
I gotta say though, my X-Rays always look really freaky because of the way my body is shaped.

In other news.
I’ve been using my Voice Amp wherever I go now, and it seems to be successful.
If I go to a Restaurant or Bar, I can actually order a Drink myself, which is a new experience for me.
I always had trouble ordering stuff due to it being loud, so whoever was with me would usually give the Waiter/Waitress my order.

Wrestling fans:
Tune into WWE Smackdown, and you might see my Wife and/or I on it with our sign for Kofi Kingston. The sign is on green paper, with a picture of Kofi Kingston jumping, and in big letters, it says BOOM BOOM BOOM.
If they show it, you can’t really miss it.

It’s a long weekend here.
My Wife & I will be at the grand Reopening of the Museum Of Nature tomorrow.
They spent a crapload of time and money renovating it, so we’re looking forward to seeing all the work they did.

I have an interesting story about that place.
The first time I went there as a Kid, I didn’t know they had Models of Dinosaurs & Dinosaur Bones.
As soon as I entered the Exhibit Room, I actually crapped my Pants because I was scared.
They had to take me to the Bathroom to change me.
I remember one of the guys had his Jaw wired shut due to Surgery, and he was scared of throwing up, so he left pretty fast.

I’ve been back since and everything was fine. I was still scared, but nothing has happened since that day.
Just to add to that challenge, I’ll be going on a Ghost Tour of the Building later that night too.
Hopefully, everything will be fine.

Well that’s it for now.
Have a good Weekend.

I didn’t feel like posting yesterday because I wasn’t feeling that great.
Not that I’m feeling any better today, but I felt like I needed to write here.

As the title reads, I’m deeply frustrated, about my health.
Every day now, at some point, I’m experiencing problems breathing.
While it can be really scary at times, it’s also frustrating as hell.
Instead of being able to go outside and do stuff, it completely zaps my energy and my desire to do anything.
It seems all I want to do is curl into a ball and just enjoy the amount of air that I can get.

The crappy part is that I have tons of stuff coming up.

— Some of my Wife’s Family’s coming this Weekend.
— My Wife & I are heading to WWE Smackdown on Tuesday.
— In between those things, I’m training new Attendants as well.
— Deal with new Attendants working alone, which can be stressful.
— Plus, I also have to meet with Staff at Bluesfest soon to discuss Wheelchair Accessibility, as I’ve been doing for the past few years now.
— Canada Day, July 1st.
— Bluesfest in July.

& more…

Did I mention that my sanity has to remain intact for most of those things?

Now it’s time for some good news…

I’m happy to report that this Saturday, the Host of LOL will be discussing me.
I’m not exactly sure what he’ll say, but I’ve sent him a few things related to my Comedy.
You can catch the show on CBC Radio One, this Saturday at 6:30 pm Eastern.
To find out how to tune in and check it out, please go to for more information.
If you can’t catch the original broadcast, it will be on the CBC site shortly after the show ends.

Congratulations to the Montreal Canadiens on beating the Pittsburgh Penguins.

My #1 Hockey Team is the Ottawa Senators, but since we’re out, I’m cheering for Montreal.
I was a huge Habs fan when I was a kid, and I actually met many of the Players.
I met Patrick Roy, Guy Charbonneau, Chris Nylan, and many others.

Well that’s it for now.

So, I stayed over at my Wife’s last night.
We both slept pretty well.

It’s raining today, so I’m just relaxing before our big trip tomorrow.
The only bad part is that I’ll be waking up around 6:30 or 7 AM, but at least it’s for a fun reason.

So, I woke up this Morning and my Wife showed me the Newspaper. The Ottawa Citizen had somehow managed to post Articles about H1N1 in almost EVERY freakin’ section of Saturday’s Paper.
I was expecting to read that Jon got the H1N1 Flu from one of Odie’s wet kisses.

But seriously, I just wanna say one thing though.
Shut the fuck up!

In this day in age, with the Internet, TV News, Radio etc, there’s no need to smother Newspaper readers with News of H1N1. We get it, thank you. No need to mentally & visually rape us

Let me summarize all the reports, as a kind gesture to my fellow readers.

1. There’s a CHANCE that the H1N1 Flu will hit at SOME point during the upcoming Flu season.
Good news though, there’s a Vaccine for it. We just don’t know what the fuck it’s gonna do to you, and we’re not sure who to give it to.

2. No cause for alarm though, people are standing by, to direct you elsewhere in the hopes you get better, or at least not sue them or die.

3. As far as prevention goes, just wash your hands, avoid contact with sick people. If need be, go to work or the Hospital wearing a Mask. Better yet, just wander down a dark isolated Street with a Mask. You’ll be fine.

Long story short, I don’t care what kind of Medical background these so called “Experts” have, fact is, you know SHIT about what’s gonna happen. You’re better off trying to bring Nostradamus back to life and seeing what he has to say about it.

Bottom line is, it’s my personal belief that it’s been extremely blown out of proportion. Sure, a few people might get sick and/or die from the Flu. It happens every single year. The only difference this year is that the Media, and the World Health Organization (WHO) are putting a different spin on it. It’s gonna create mass fear (more than now) and that’ll cause more problems than the actual illness itself.

So, just relax. If you get the Flu, DON’T panic. Just do what you normally do to get better.

Whatever you do, don’t refer to it as Swine Flu.
It gives Pigs a bad name or something.

Stay healthy!

This has been a Ryan Rant.

Thanks for reading.

So the last few posts have been about America’s Got Talent. Now, I’m gonna write about my life, for the next few days.

So my Wife got back to Ottawa on Wednesday, along with her 10 year old Niece from Halifax.

We spent Wednesday Evening together playing the game, Trouble. I’m sure most of you know about the game, so I won’t go into details, except that I won. After that, I headed back home for the night.

On Thursday, we headed to the Central Canada Exhibition, which is a yearly Fair.
We walked around a bit, fed some Animals.
The rest of the time, they went on rides.
As some of you know, I’ve been on a few rides, but I didn’t feel like doing it this year.
I headed home shortly after that.

A few hours later, the girls returned home and we got to hang out together.
We ate Ice Cream, played Sorry, and then we watched Marley & Me.

In case you haven’t seen it, it stars Owen Wilson & Jennifer Aniston as a Couple. They get a Dog named Marley, who’s extremely hyper all the time and always getting into trouble.
Eventually, Marley gets old and sick, and the Family has to make a very imortant decision about the fate of Marley.

It’s a good movie, but pretty sad, especially for a kid’s movie.
At least, it’s realistic.

There’s a lack of realism in movies today. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Shrek is 100% realistic.


Anyways, that was my Thursday night.

As for today.
Today hasn’t exactly been a good day. Soon after I woke up, I received a phone call informing me that my trip to Montreal has to be cancelled.

The reason is that the Staff person (Attendant) that was supposed to come with me had a Root Canal and got an infection in her mouth. Nobody else is availiable to take me.

As of right now, the plan is to HOPEULLY be able to go next Sunday. It all depends on if there’s no other Wheelchairs on that Train. Via Rail only only has room for one Wheelchair on its Trains. It MIGHT be two, but my Wheelchair is pretty wide.

They definitely need more spots for Wheelchairs.
This isn’t the 50s anymore, Crips like to get out of Town sometimes.
Cause that’s how we roll, baby!

One good thing has happened to me today. I was able to go to the Bank to deposit money, which is always a good thing.
Just to make sure, I didn’t have too much fun doing that, it rained the whole time I was out.

So my Wife’s Niece is leaving later today. I’m gonna miss her. It was nice having her around for a few days. She’s a great kid and has fed me Ice Cream two different times now, and even Wine. It’s never too soon to teach kids that even they can help a Disabled person out.

I guess I could say that I like kids in small doses.

Well that’s it for now.
Hopefully, I’ll be able to go to Montreal next Sunday.

I hope you all have a good weekend out there.
Thanks for reading.