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Last night, I watched part of the first season of 30 Rock. I love that show, but only really got into it last year.

After that, I watched the first two episodes of this season’s Penn & Teller: Bullshit! For those who haven’t seen it, Penn & Teller choose¬† a topic and discuss why it’s bullshit. The two that I watched was one on Orgasms & one about Astrology. I love that show. It’s smart, funny & honest. You should check it out.

I spent all afternoon today in the great outdoors with my Wife.

First, we met on Sparks Street, walked to City Hall, & then walked along the Rideau Canal. We walked all the way to Lansdowne Park so she could get fresh food. While she stopped, I tried to find a Wheelchair Accessible Bathroom, but everything was locked up in the Arena.

Sometimes, it’s a pain in the ass looking for Bathrooms that I can use. Let me paint you a beautiful picture here. My Wheelchair weighs over 500 pounds and it’s pretty wide. So, if I can get somewhere, that’s good news for other Disabled people too. I still have yet to meet someone with a bigger Wheelchair. If they exist, they’re probably fighting in the Middle East as a human Tank.

I’ve always thought that someone should make a movie about a Disabled guy that would be like the Terminator. Going around in a massive suited up Powered Wheelchair, loaded with INSANE weapons.

Picture it

I know you are.

It’s a SICK idea.

Admit it.

After I got home, I freshened up & changed into lighter clothes. I thought it would be cooler out, so I wore long sleeves. I think I lost at least 10 lbs through sweat. Let’s not even discuss my sweaty ass.

Well that’s about it for now, but I’ll return tomorrow. I hope you all had a good weekend out there.

As always, thanks for reading.


Last night was quiet & relaxing. I spent the night watching shows that I’ve taped over the past few weeks. Those shows included Corner Gas, Two And A Half Men, Big Bang Theory, House, ER, CSI, My Name Is Earl, The Office, 30 Rock.

As you can see, I was pretty entertained while The Oscars were on. I was glad to hear that Heath Ledger won, but not totally shocked. After all, his Family was there from Australia. It would’ve been awkward if they gave the Award to someone else. If I was watching it, I might’ve laughed. Just because I’m evil and I like when unexpected things happen on live TV.

Besides that, not much is new. I’m giving myself one more week before I start going out and doing stuff again.

Yes, I’m still continuing to feel better, but I want to be sure that I’m fully recovered before I start living my life again.

Well, thanks for reading.