Last night was relatively quiet, at least for me.

I started off by checking out Old Crow Medicine Show, on the MBNA Stage. They weren’t bad, but a little too Country-ish for my Wife and I.

We headed off to play the Canadian Music Trivia game that I played the night before. This time, we teamed up, and played two games against other people.
We loss the first one, but won the second game.

After that, Matthew Good came on.
It was a good show, but not as good as usual. He also sounded a little off.
I’ve seen him at least four times now, and this wasn’t his best set.
Sorry Matthew.
I’m still a big fan of yours though.

During the encore, my Wife wanted to go see the Psychic cause she had a question for them.

From there, we saw Crowded House.
This was a pretty good actually.
They did all of their hits from the 80s, and some new stuff.
The show had a “visit from an old friend” vibe to it, which isn’t a bad thing.

That brings us to this Weekend.
Here are my picks:

Friday: MonkeyJunk, The Canadian Comedy Show (maybe), Great Big Sea.
FYI, I know there’s a certain guy from Degrassi called Drake performing, but I have no interest in seeing him.

Saturday: Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton, Lewis Black,

Sunday: Ryan Shaw, Jimmy Cliff, Weezer

Keep in mind, these are my immediate choices. As per usual, I will be wandering from time to time looking for hidden gems throughout this Weekend.

Out of this lineup, I’m definitely seeing Lewis Black, and Ryan Shaw. Everything else is up for grabs.

Before you ask, I’m NOT going to see Keith Urban.

It is my belief/opinion that Bluesfest should NOT be having Country acts.
There’s a Country Festival coming up soon in Ottawa, so we don’t need more Country Music.

I also read somewhere that Bluesfest wants to/or has added French Bands to its lineup.
If people want to hear French Music, just go to Parliament Hill on Canada Day, or just walk or drive to Gatineau. It’s easy enough already to hear French Music.

I don’t need to see Francois Canard opening up for AC/DC, or something.

Anyways, have a good Weekend everyone, and enjoy the last Weekend of Bluesfest 2010.


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