My interview with The Ottawa Sun appeared in the Paper yesterday.

Here it is…
(Copy & paste url into browser please. Html confuses me greatly.)

I arrived at Bluesfest for day 8. Within two minutes of walking on to the site, I got recognized for being in the Paper. I walked into the Museum, and got recognized, and called by my first name, which was kinda odd at first, but I really liked it.

Even the host of “The X-Rated Comedy Show”, Bobby Slayton recognized me enough to come from Backstage just to talk to me, while I was waiting for my Wife. That was a pretty big deal for me since I’m a big fan of his.

That was pretty much the theme of the night.
I either got “hey, I saw you in the paper”, or “keep up the good work”.

So as I mentioned, we went to “The X Rated Comedy Show” which was hosted by Bobby Slayton, and featured Ari Shaffir, Tiffany Haddish, and Mike Wilmot.

The show was pretty good. Mike Wilmot was the best of the bunch, even though he messed up a few jokes. This was my first time seeing him live, but I’ve been a fan of his for years.

After the show, my Wife & I headed to see Arcade Fire. I had no idea what to expect.
On the way in, my Wife wanted to introduce me to someone.
At first, I thought it’d be one of her Co-workers, but low and behold, it was Ari Shaffir.

We spoke for a few moments, and he seems like a cool guy.
After that, it was time for Arcade Fire.

After seeing bands like RUSH, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, I sat there waiting to be rocked.
It didn’t happen.
Arcade Fire reminds me of a highschool Band that never grew a set of balls.
It also reminded me of Comedians who only do jokes that their friends get.

We left to go see Alexisonfire.
Oh good, screamo Music.
I hate to sound old, but hearing a guy scream obnoxiously, is not my type of Music.
If I wanted to hear perverse screams and bad Music, I’d watch Porn with the sound on.

After that, we headed to the Theatre to hear Alvin Youngblood Hart , who was a Blues Singer. He was great, but he talked too much.

When I go to a Music Festival, I want to hear Music, not your life story.
That’s like going to a Strip Club and the Stripper doesn’t shut up.
I’ve had it happen many times. Part of me wants to say to her, shut up & get naked, I’m paying $20 for this.

We headed home after that.

Tonight’s big act is Santana.
I’m really looking forward to seeing him.
It’s like sex, but with a Guitar.

I came to realize something, well, with my Wife’s help.
I’ll probably be more well known for fixing Wheelchair Accessibility than I will for my Comedy.
It’s a sad statement when you think about it.

The irony in all this is that I can no longer perform Comedy often, due to Ottawa not having any Wheelchair Accessible Comedy Venues left

Another way of looking at it is at least people know my name now.
Now I need to get them to remember the name, and showing them exactly what it means, and who I am.


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