I headed down to Bluesfest shortly after 1:30 to catch Big Jeezus Truck, who are a local Rock Band.
I’ve seen them before, and have even hung out with them after seeing them the first time.
It was a great show, highlighted by their version of “Runaway”.

From there, I headed to the main Stage to see Staff Benda Bilili. Staff Benda Bilili are 8 guys from Africa, and they’re all Physically Disabled in some form.
It’s a great feeling seeing 8 Disabled guys on the Main Stage at Bluesfest.
They were pretty good actually.

From there, it was time for me to head to The War Museum to do another Interview about my involvement with making Bluesfest more Wheelchair Accessible. This time, I was interviewed by CTV Ottawa.

They basically followed me around the site, and interviewed me.
The story will air TONIGHT at 11:30 on CTV Ottawa.

After the Interview, I headed home for a bit to rest up before seeing The Flaming Lips at 9.

As I mentioned in my last post, tomorrow will be busy.
Two buddies of mine are driving here from Montreal to see Rush, plus, I have a few other people who want to see me as well.

Yeah, it’ll be insane, but I feel pretty popular right now, and that’s definitely not a bad thing at all.


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