I’m heading to day 5 of Bluesfest soon, but wanted to give a quick recap of day 4.

I left just before 7 pm, as it was still raining.
Rain doesn’t really bother me if I’m prepared.
When I say prepared, I’m referring to having a Poncho.
If I don’t have it & use it, my Wheelchair go nuts once it gets wet.
Like I said though, I was prepared.

I arrived just before 7:30, and got ready for the show.
I realized after I parked my Chair by the Stage that Umbrellas are perversely big, and not really good if you’re trying to see the Stage.

The show started, and I was rockin’ out.
Sure, I looked like a demented Bubble Boy, but I didn’t care.
The rain stopped shortly after the show started, and I broke free from my Bubble.

Hole was pretty good. I’ve been wanting to see them for awhile now.
They’re one of those Bands that has a “train wreck” appeal to it.
All in all, I was pretty impressed.

From there, I headed to the Blacksheep Stage and caught the end of “The Italian Show”.
It wasn’t bad, but not being Italian, I didn’t get some of the jokes.

After the show, they told everyone to get out so they could get ready for Louis CK.
In a funny moment, as I was leaving the Tent, I overheard some guy yelled something about a guy in the Wheelchair. I turned around so he could see me, but he didn’t say anything to me. I just kept going out of the Tent.

I headed outside to wait while they setup.
Awhile later, they let us in.

Louis CK was great
This was my second time seeing him.
My first time was a few years ago in Montreal at the Just For Laughs Festival.
He performed for almost two hours.
By the time I left, the rest of the site had shut down for the night.

As for today, I plan on seeing Big Jeezus Truck at 2, Staff Benda Bilili at 3.
At 5, I’m supposed to be meeting up with CTV News to be interviewed about Wheelchair Accessibility.
After that, I might be hooking up with a friend for a bit.

This time of year is usually busy for me, but this year, it’s even crazier.
I don’t mind it though, and I’m enjoying every minute of it, to be honest.

Rock on!


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