Nothing really new to report, so with that in mind, I’m going to discuss who I’ll be seeing.
Keep in mind, these are the acts that I want to see.

The Big Acts: Iron Maiden, Weezer, Santana, Great Big Sea, Hole, Crowded House, RUSH, Gipsy Kings, Jimmy Cliff, Matthew Good, The Flaming Lips,

The cool thing about Bluesfest is walking around and discovering Bands that I’ve never heard of. I refer to those as hidden gems.

Hidden Gems From Past Years Returning: Ryan Shaw, David Maxwell, Grupo Fantasma, Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton, Steve Poltz, Big Jeezus Truck, JW Jones, Amanda Rheaume, Drew Nelson, The Mighty Popo

I’m sure that I’ll discover more hidden gems this year too.

For the first ever, Bluesfest will be having LIVE Comedy.

Comedians I’ll Be Checking Out: Louis CK, Lewis Black, and perhaps a few more.

So there’s my lineup for who I’m seeing.
The fun starts tonight, July 6th through the 18th, with July 12th being a day off for all acts.

To those going, have fun down there.
Most of all, rock on!

  1. allan isfan says:


    Great choices for bands. Bill “Sauce Boss” Wharton is lots of fun. Also, don’t forget That 1 Guy . So many more. See you on site.

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