So today, I went to see my Respirologist and everything’s fine with my Lungs.
I took a look at my Chest X-Ray, which interests me greatly.

There’s a little bit of white stuff inside, but he explained that it’s just scarring, which is pretty normal for me.
Now he’s sending me for an Echocardiogram, which is basically an Ultrasound on my Heart. Nothing to worry about. It’s just to make sure everything’s ok.
It’s not until the end of August, so all’s good for the Summer.

Before every appointment with him, they hook me up to two Monitors.
One measures my Heart rate, and the other one monitors the amount of Carbon Dioxide when I breathe.

Now, in case you’re just tuning in to my Blog, I should point out that I can’t breathe at all on my own. When they check those things, one of the plugs has to hook up to the actual Ventilator Tube.

The “Nurse” had no idea what to do and she thought she needed to put nose clips on me, so I wouldn’t let too much air out.
Well I had to inform her that air doesn’t come out of me like that, and to just use the regular attachment.
Once she had it all set up, she told me to close my mouth & my nose.

Ok, how the hell do I close my nose?
Is that even possible?

Anyways, I’m going back in six months.

I received some good news today, both regarding Bluesfest.
It looks like they’ll be putting in at least 2 elevated platforms, so that people in Wheelchairs can see over people’s heads. That’s pretty good, and I’m proud of myself for suggesting that to them.

Secondly, I’ll be doing an online interview shortly to discuss Wheelchair Accessibility, and everything that’s involved with making it more Accessible.

I think it’s very important that people know about it, and how important Wheelchair Accessibility is, especially for a HUGE World Reknowned Music Festival.

Once I know when the interview is, I will post that information here.

Tonight, I’m heading out to finally see Iron Man 2.

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