My Wife & I managed to go for Dinner on Wednesday with some friends. We had a pretty good time. Unfournately, it started raining, and we got soaked, but nothing happened to my Chair.

My Chair sometimes goes nuts or just stops working if it gets wet.
One time, I came home after getting stuck in the rain. I came in my front door, stopped, my Chair suddenly sped towards the wall that seperates my bedroom and living room, and nailed it full force.

Luckily, I was able to spread my legs apart just in time to avoid injury.
Just picture a Disabled version of Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits.
Now that you’re all traumatized, let’s move on.

Tonight, my Wife & I are heading to a Graduation for another one of our friends.
She’s graduating from Nursing Class.
We’re looking forward to being there.

It’s supposed to rain all Weekend starting on Saturday, so I may go see a Movie on Sunday Evening.

Whatever you people do this Weekend, have a good time.


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