Congrats to everyone involved in the CHEO Telethon this year. They managed to raise 6.2 Million Dollars, which is a new record.

I watched the show for most of the Afternoon, and even called in.
I donated $10, and I challenged anyone who knew me from 1975-1994 to double my $10 donation.
Sadly, they didn’t mention it on the air. It’s too bad because I’m pretty certain that it could’ve brought in alot of money for them.
TONS of people know me just from my days of living there.
Nurses, Doctors, Former Patients, Families, & the list goes on & on & on.

In an odd way, I feel like a former Childhood Actor.
As a kid, I was always featured on the Telethons, and interviewed for various things.

Ever since I left CHEO, I haven’t really been asked to return.
I did a Radiothon for them about five years ago, but that’s about it.
I really don’t get it.
In my mind, I’d be a great success story for them.

We could discuss my time there, and all the great Nurses & Doctors there, plus what I’ve been up to since I left in 1994.
It’d be like a “where are they now” type of segment.
Not to sound high on myself, but I really think they’re missing out on something here.

I plan on fixing that though, or at least trying to.
Over the next while, I’ll be trying to make my presence known to them.
Through emails, & networking with people, I’m going to try to return to them, more or less.

I hope to be on the actual Telethon next year.
Alot of people out there would really appreciate seeing me and helping them out.

My Wife knows about my plan and fully supports it.
Being in the spotlight or public eye isn’t her thing, so if it does happen, you’ll be seeing me back solo on the CHEO Telethon next year.

I like to hope that I’ll be involved in at least one or two CHEO fundraisers before then.

Stay tuned


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