Tonight, the Host of LOL will be discussing me on his show.
I’m not exactly sure what he’ll say, but I’ve sent him a few things related to my Comedy.
You can catch the show on CBC Radio One, this Saturday at 6:30 pm Eastern.
To find out how to tune in and check it out, please go to for more information.
If you can’t catch the original broadcast, it will be on the CBC site shortly after the show ends.

  1. marryxue2 says:

    great ,i look forward to your Comedy ,i guess it will be very interesting .

    my skype :xuemiaoping1

  2. linda says:

    Do you do Comedy at a club? When is your next show? And when was your last show?

    • ryanlythall says:

      Hi Linda
      Thanks for the comment.
      I only perform Comedy once or twice a year because there’s no more Wheelchair Accessible Comedy Clubs in Ottawa.
      If you’d like, I can let you know when my next show is.

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