Good news, my friends.
I managed to get the thing out of my Lungs.
The thing was pretty big.

I’m starting to think that it might be Scar Tissue from my Lungs. It’s been discussed before, so perhaps that’s what it is. Sometimes, Blood comes up too, but that’s not really a new thing either.

In other news,
As of now, I’m not really sure what the plan is with my Wife’s Relatives this Weekend.

I’m meeting with one of the Organizers of Bluesfest on May 25th to discuss Wheelchair Accessibility.

The job doesn’t pay, but it feels good when they listen to my advice and use my ideas.
During Bluesfest, I try to get feedback from other Disabled People to see what they think, and hopefully fine tune things.

It also feels good helping out this HUGE World Renowned Music Festival that thousands and thousands of people attend every year.

Well, that’s it for now, but I hope you all have a good Weekend out there.


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