So today, I gave a Presentaion on Wheelchair Accessibility, specifically my experiences with it.
Anytime I talk about it, it deperesses me to a degree.
It depresses me because for Ottawa being Canada’s Capital, it’s really not very accessible at all, and makes Canada look really bad.

The Presentation only lasted about fifteen minutes, but I could’ve talked all day about it.
I think I did a pretty good job.

There were about ten people in the room, which is pretty small for me.
Most of them, I hadn’t met before, but that was fine by me.
I did Stand Up Comedy for two years, plus I’ve done public speaking many times before.
For me, this was pretty easy and I wasn’t nervous at all.

I started off talking about Yuk Yuk’s, and how the main one here in Ottawa is no longer Wheelchair Accesible. They changed locations just over a year ago, and I can no longer perform there like I did for two years. The other Club, Absolute Comedy has never been Accessible.

When I tried talking to the Media about it, Yuk Yuk’s refused to discuss it, and therefore, the only way that I can discuss it openly is on here, giving speeches, or just to people.

So, because of all that, I’m lucky to get two shows a year, while all of my Comedian friends can basically perform anywhere.

I’m not bitter about it, and I wish my friends/peers continued success. That “bitter” phase left me ages ago. I just think it’s really messed up, and I was treated really unfairly by the Managers of Yuk Yuk’s in Ottawa.

From there, I discussed how Accessibility affects me personally and socially.
Then I discussed how some of these places could fix the problem by installing a Ramp.
I understand it won’t work in all cases, but it would be a good start.

After that, I discussed the fact that it’ll be mandatory for all Building to be Accessible by 2025.

Then I discussed my theory that Businesses either don’t want to buy a Ramp due to cost, or they just don’t want to spend the money.

I explained that it would be beneficial, not just for Disabled people, but also due to our aging population. Old people want to be active and sociable too.

Frozm there, it was time for a Q & A.

One Woman asked if I thought the Government was doing enough and if they should offer more incentives for Business Owners.

There were a few other questions as well.
The only minor problem was when a guy with a very bad stutter asked me a question. At first, I couldn’t understand him, but I asked him to repeat it, and I understood, and answered him.
He asked if I though Ramps were better if they were installed at the time of Construction, or after awhile.
I was glad that he repeated it, and that I could answer.

Another guy with a thick accent asked about OC Transpo.
I spoke briefly about the Baby Stroller Debate, and how some Mothers/Nannies/Sitters barge in front of me to get on the Bus.

All in all, I think I did very well.
I have no doubt that I could do Public Speaking more often.
The only problem is that some days my voice sounds horrible, and the breathing problems that I’ve been having lately.


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