So I wanted to share something with all of you out there.
This post is going to deal with a certain aspect of my Medical Care, so if you’re a little squeamish, you may wish to stop reading.

For the rest of you, thanks for staying.

As alot of you out there know, I use a Respirator 24/7 because I can’t breathe on my own.
Every hour or so (when awake) I get suctioned.
Suctioning involved putting a Tube down my Throat. The thin tube is hooked up to a small machine that acts like a small Vacuum Cleaner and it sucks fluid from my Lungs.
It’s not exactly very quiet, so needless to say, I get alot of strange looks in Public Bathrooms.

For the most part, the procedure only takes a few minutes, and I resume whatever I was doing.

Now sometimes, I get a “blockage” in my Lungs. When that happens, I have a hard time breathing, which can be pretty scary at times.
To make things more frustrating, the “blockage” tends to move around inside my Chest, and can affect different areas of my Lungs.

This is definitely not a new thing for me, but it’s been happening pretty often lately.
Much like the rest of my Disease, Doctors are baffled by it, which makes it tough anytime I try to look into it.

I’ve literally tried everything that they’ve suggested, but nothing seems to work.

The odd thing is that besides getting those things, I feel pretty healthy.

Anyways, I just felt like sharing that today.
Mostly because I’m experiencing a “blockage” as I write this.

I hope you all have a good Weekend out there.


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