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Yesterday, my Wife & I did the 2K Family Run as part of the Ottawa Race Weekend.
This was our first time, and we had a blast!

Our Race started at 4 PM.
We got there around 3:30, and the area was packed.
Right before we started, we ran into a friend of ours, which gave us a little boost, at least for me.

We headed towards the Start line, and as soon as we passed the line, I went full speed.
There was no way I was going to stroll this thing. I also wanted to encourage my Wife to run, and she did for a little while.
I’m very proud of her for it.

As we ran, I started getting a rush from the crowd cheering us on. I’m a kind of person that feeds off crowds and people, which is a great feeling. I’ve always been that way, and I think that’s why I enjoy being in the public eye so much, at least locally.

After awhile, a guy patted me on the Shoulder, and told me I was doing good and to keep it up. My first thought was to laugh. All I was doing was pushing a button, and trying not to run over people in the process.

Needless to say, I kept it up, and I didn’t hit anyone, even though I wanted to.

I crossed the Finish line at 20 minutes, and 34.9 seconds, which was five seconds before my Wife.
We had done it!
After we crossed, we got our Medals, which was a Wooden Necklace.
From there, we cooled off cause it was pretty hot.

We stuck around to see the other Races, and to see my Wife’s Cousin.
She did the full Marathon this Morning, but I wasn’t there.

Next year, I’d like to do the 5K.
Hopefully, I’ll have my new Wheelchair by then.

We got home just before 9 last night.
I gave my Wife a well deserved Foot Massage, and that was our day together.

As for today, I’m meeting my Wife downtown to do a little Shopping and that’s about it.

I hope you all had a good Weekend out there.


On Saturday Afternoon, my Wife & I will be doing the 2K Family Run as part of the Ottawa Race Weekend.
This will be our first time doing it, and we’re looking forward to it.

Originally, I was going to do the 5K, but my new Chair’s not here yet.
Hopefully, it’ll be here for next year’s Race.

I have to admit, it’ll be pretty easy for me.
All I need to do is keep my finger on the buttons, and just ride.
Hell, most Weekends, I do a lot more than 2K.

I’m gonna try my best not to laugh at people struggling, but I can’t promise.

Seriously though, I respect those who run even when the odds are against them.
More power to them.

See you at the finish line.

On Tuesday Afternoon, I headed to the Civic Hospital to get a Chest X-Ray done.
As with most Medical Appointments, my main concern was being done before my ride back home arrived.

There’s been many times that I’ve either missed my ride, or was unable to even see the Doctor just because my ride showed up.

In Ottawa, we have a Service called Para Transpo, which transports Disabled people wherever they want or need to go.

This is how it works:
If you want a ride, you call the day before at 7 am.
Trying to get through to an Operator can sometimes be like winning the Lottery. Except in this case, you get the “luxury” of a ride, and the “luxury” of talking to a person who could quite possibly be holding a Gun to their head.

Once you get through, you tell them what time you need a ride for.
At this point, they can actually refuse your request if they’re already booked up at that time.
If they can’t give you your requested time, they usually put you on the “waiting list”.
This means that they’ll call you if they have an opening for that time.

So then, the next day arrives.
This is a big day for us.
We get to go out and be a part of Society, with the added bonus of getting a ride on Para Transpo.
So, the time rolls around, but wait, where’s the Bus?
This is where I mention that they’re “allowed” to be thirty minutes later.
If they don’t arrive within thirty minutes, you’re “allowed” to call to see where it’s at.

So you call up, wait a few minutes for the Operator to care enough to answer the phone.
From there, it’s like the Classic Seinfeld Episode where they’re waiting for a Table at a Chinese Restaurant.
The Operator says oh, it’ll be 5-10 Minutes.

Time rolls around, but no Bus.
Wait, they lied to you? That’s unheard of for such a classy upscale City-Owned Company.
Eventually, the Bus arrives and a jolly old man or woman is ready to take you away.
The Drivers are a friendly bunch with their top notched people skills, and clearly quite hygenic too.

So they get you on the Bus, and tie you up, like it’s some type of creepy BDSM filled voyage into the abyss. You start thinking that you’ll be there soon, and this journey will end soon.


Often times, they have people to pick up and/or drop off. So, good news, somebody else (a witness) will join you for your wacky adventures in Candyland.

So, eventually you get there. By this time, I’m usually praising Allah/Buddah/Oprah/Aliens that I survived the trip.
This may shock some, but they’re not exactly the best Drivers.
It doesn’t overly fill me with confidence when some of the Drivers tell me that I drive my Chair better than they drive the Van.

So from there, I arrive, get off the Van, and do whatever I’m there to do.
After that, the fun begins again.

Anyways, I got my X-Ray done.
They had to do it twice cause the first one didn’t turn out well.
I’ll find out the results on June 16th.

Before that, I headed out to meet one of the Organizers of Bluesfest to discuss Wheelchair Accessibility. The Meeting went well and if they can do what I suggested, it’ll be even better.
I’m not going to mention my ideas cause I don’t want to jinx it.

As for today, I’ve been catching up on emails from the days when I wasn’t breathing well, and didn’t feel like responding.

First of all, I apologize for not posting for a few days.
It’s been really hot, and when it gets like that, all I want to do is as little as possible.
Like most people, I can only do that for so long.

As most of you know, this past Weekend, was a long Weekend.
My Wife and I spent most of it at the Grand Reopening of the Museum Of Nature.
We spent almost Seven hours there on Saturday, which was utterly insane.

The place was PACKED, and most of our time was spent waiting in lineups to get in, and to even use the Elevators.

While I was there, we paid close attention to Wheelchair Accessibility.

For the most part, it’s not too bad.

Here are my thoughts:


1. One thing we noticed right away was there’s no Wheelchair Access to the outside sitting area/patio/outlook place. The only way for a Wheelchair to get up there is by going through the Museum, and taking the Elevator. Meanwhile, able bodied people can just walk up a few steps. I’m not even sure if they need to pay, but we would need to, just because we need to enter the Building in order to get there.

2. I noticed that many of the Doors to the Exhibit Areas don’t have a button to open the doors. To me, this is a really sad oversight on their part. By not having a Button, most of us are unable to open the doors, and will have to wait for someone to help.

3. Most of the signs in the Exhibits are readable, but some are really hard to get to, due to their location. Disabled people often need to get close to be able to read them, and sometimes it’s not possible. I also suggest that using large print signs for the visually impaired would go a long way. Also, some of the signs are way too low for some of us to read. Personally speaking, I can’t bend down or over to read them, and I imagine not a lot of other Disabled people can either.

4. The Gift Shop is pretty small. I realize that it was packed on the Weekend, but I had a really hard time turning the corners in there. It had nothing to do with people being in the way. The tables for the items on display are simply too close to the shelves. A few extra inches at both ends of the Store would greatly improve the problem.

The positives:

1. The Elevators are HUGE, which is great.

2. It’s great to know that Personal Care Attendants are free. There needs to be more places in Ottawa, besides Museums that offer this. I should also point out that the Museum is free for everyone every Thursday from 5 PM to 8 PM. It’s $10 for Adults any other times.

3. For the most part, Bathrooms are a good size. Some are bigger than others, but that’s pretty much the case anywhere in Ottawa.

4. The small Elevator to get into the Lobby is a lot nicer, and feels much safer than the old one. I remember riding the old one when I was a Kid, and it would often shake and rattle while it was moving.

5. The Lighting is MUCH better in the Museum now, and it doesn’t feel creepy anymore. I can actually see certain displays a lot easier now.

6. The new HD Theatre is fully accessible, complete with spots for People in Wheelchairs, and their Attendant/Friend etc can sit beside them as well.

So there ya go, folks.
That’s what I think of the newly revamped Museum Of Nature in Ottawa.
I’ll be sending a slightly modified version of this post to the Museum.

I plan on returning there sometime this Summer.

Stay cool!

On Wednesday, I went to see my Respirologist to tell him about my recent Lung blockages.

Long story short, I’ll be getting a Chest X-Ray next Week, and he suggested for me to start using my Humidifier at home again.

I’m not a fan of using the Humidifier because last time I used it, I got sick. I got sick because Water kept getting into my Lungs, which isn’t really a good thing.

At this point though, I’m willing to try aything.
I’m going back to see him on June 16th.

While I was in his Office, we went through all of my old Chest X-Rays.
X-Rays have always interested me, even as a Kid. I think it’s cool looking at your own insides.
I gotta say though, my X-Rays always look really freaky because of the way my body is shaped.

In other news.
I’ve been using my Voice Amp wherever I go now, and it seems to be successful.
If I go to a Restaurant or Bar, I can actually order a Drink myself, which is a new experience for me.
I always had trouble ordering stuff due to it being loud, so whoever was with me would usually give the Waiter/Waitress my order.

Wrestling fans:
Tune into WWE Smackdown, and you might see my Wife and/or I on it with our sign for Kofi Kingston. The sign is on green paper, with a picture of Kofi Kingston jumping, and in big letters, it says BOOM BOOM BOOM.
If they show it, you can’t really miss it.

It’s a long weekend here.
My Wife & I will be at the grand Reopening of the Museum Of Nature tomorrow.
They spent a crapload of time and money renovating it, so we’re looking forward to seeing all the work they did.

I have an interesting story about that place.
The first time I went there as a Kid, I didn’t know they had Models of Dinosaurs & Dinosaur Bones.
As soon as I entered the Exhibit Room, I actually crapped my Pants because I was scared.
They had to take me to the Bathroom to change me.
I remember one of the guys had his Jaw wired shut due to Surgery, and he was scared of throwing up, so he left pretty fast.

I’ve been back since and everything was fine. I was still scared, but nothing has happened since that day.
Just to add to that challenge, I’ll be going on a Ghost Tour of the Building later that night too.
Hopefully, everything will be fine.

Well that’s it for now.
Have a good Weekend.

On Tuesday, my Wife & I attended a LIVE Taping of WWE Smackdown.
This was my first one in at least 6 or 7 years, and this was my Wife’s first time at a LIVE WWE Event.
In all honesty, she was a Trooper about the whole thing.
She even made a Sign for it.

If I knew how to post a pic here, I would, but I forget.

I considered writing Spoilers for this Week’s Smackdown, & Superstars shows for various Wrestling Websites, but I can’t write stuff down, and I actually wanted to enjoy the show.

So, I’ll just discuss what we did, because frankly, this is my Blog, and I’m hoping you’re interested.

Even though the show wasn’t starting until 6:45 pm, I wanted to get there early to see if I could meet some of the Wrestlers as they arrived.

We got to the Scotiabank Place around 2:30, and we headed to the back of the Arena.
By the time we got there, a few were already there with the same idea.
We took a few pics, including one with me holding a fake Title Belt that a guy paid $300 for.

As it turned out, I only got to meet one person, and he no longer wrestles.
I met the Host of WWE NXT, and Smackdown Commentator, Matt Striker.
He was really nice. We took a pic together, and then did an Autograph for me.

We left that Area around 4, and headed to the Y to use the Bathroom.
I’ve met a few Wrestlers there before, so we waited around for a bit before heading back outside to the back.
Still, no luck, and after awhile, we gave up.

We headed to the front of the Arena.
We noticed that The Score (Sports TV Channel) was having a Trivia Game.
Being a fan of free stuff, I went for it.

My Wife spun the Wheel for me.
As luck would have it, it landed on a Sports question, instead of a question about WWE.
I was kinda worried cause I’m not really a Sports Buff, but I didn’t give up.

The guy asked “How often is the World Cup held?”.
I responded “Every four years” which is the right answer.
I walked away with a The Score Water Bottle and a grin on my face.
From there, we headed inside.

Our first stop was the Souvenir Stand.
I wasn’t sure what to buy. I wanted a shirt, but nothing overly embarassing.
In the end, I bought a Rey Mysterio TShirt, & my Wife got a Kofi Kingston Necklace.

By this time, my Wife wanted to eat, so we headed to Bert’s.
I decided to just get a Beer, and my Wife had a Wrap or something.
By the time we were done, it was show time.

Once we were seated, I was REALLY surprised at how small everything was.
Normally, when I go to a WWE Event, I get Floor Seats, which is awesome.
I didn’t bother trying to do that this time, so we sat in the 200 Level.

I still had a good view, but I’m definitely gonna try to get Floor Seats next time.

The Show ended just before 10:30 pm, and my ride wasn’t scheduled for thirty minutes.

The place cleared out pretty fast, and we were one of the few left.
We didn’t get home until 12:30 am.

All in all, we were gone 10 and a half hours.
It made for a very long day, but I had fun though.

I really hope that they show my sign this Week on Friday Night Smackdown.
A friend of mine told me that she could see my sign from her Seat on the floor.
Hopefully the Cameras saw it too.

Tonight, the Host of LOL will be discussing me on his show.
I’m not exactly sure what he’ll say, but I’ve sent him a few things related to my Comedy.
You can catch the show on CBC Radio One, this Saturday at 6:30 pm Eastern.
To find out how to tune in and check it out, please go to for more information.
If you can’t catch the original broadcast, it will be on the CBC site shortly after the show ends.