On Wednesday Night, the final Episode of this year’s America’s Got Talent aired.
By the end of the show, we’d find out who wins a Million Dollars and their own show in Las Vegas.

The night started off with ten Finalists:

Barbara Padilla (Opera Singer)
Drew Stevyns (Singer/Guitarist)
Hairo Torres (Breakdancer)
Lawrence Beamen (Singer)
Recycled Percussion (Band)
Fab Five (Power Tap Dancers)
Grandma Lee (Comedian)
Kevin Skinner (Singer/Guitarist)
The Texas Tenors (Singing Group)
The Voices of Glory (Singers)

With two hours to kill, they had to fill it with something.

Things started with the 10 Finalists taking part in a song performed by Thelma Houston.
It was a fun way to kick off the show, but it reminded me of American Idol.

On the opposite spectrum, they had a bunch of AGT rejects sing as well. This ended with Grandma Lee wearing a Wedding Gown beside Piers Morgan.

Leona Lewis performed next.
I don’t know who she was, but I didn’t like her.

Cirque D Soleil performed somewhere around here.
I can’t really write things down when I’m not at my Computer.

The second hour began with five eliminations.

The ones who moved on were:

The Texas Tenors (Singing Group)
Recycled Percussions (Band)
The Voices Of Glory (Singers)
Barbara Padilla (Opera Singer)
Kevin Skinner (Singer/Guitarist)

With that done, Shakira performed next, which was all kinds of sexiness.

Up next, three more would be eliminated.

The ones that moved on were:

Barbara Padilla (Opera Singer)
Kevin Skinner (Singer/Guitarist)

Next up, Susan Boyle performed a cover of “Wild Horses” by The Rolling [stones.
I thought she did a FANTASTIC job of it.
I consider myself a Susan Boyle fan.

After that, it was time to find out the Winner of America’s Got Talent for 2009.

And the Winner is…
Kevin Skinner!

I called it!
From the moment I first heard him do a Garth Brooks song, I knew he’d win.

So there’s your 2009 Edition of America’s Got Talent.
I thought it was prett good for the most part.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Sue C says:

    I was actually surprised he won. I thought Drew was a much better singer. Perhaps America just associated more with the ex-chicken catcher.
    I didn’t understand why Drew wasn’t in the top 5 too and The Voices of Glory? how did they make it to the top 5. What is America thinking? LOL

    I enjoyed Susan Boyles performance.

  2. Sue C says:

    HAHAHA you are so right and couldn’t have put it better.

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