As you all know, my Wife and I went to Montreal for the day yesterday.

We left Ottawa by Train at 10 AM and arrived in Montreal around Noon. Going to Montreal is a breeze compared to all the travelling I did last year when I played Boccia.

When we arrived, I got a Coffee and then waited for our Cab. The Wheelchair Accessible Cabs in Montreal are pretty good, just for the fact that Wheelchairs are able to sit beside the Driver.

Here in Ottawa, we sit sideways behind the Driver, or in the very back, or behind him, but further back. Apparently, we’re no better than a Bike or oversized Luggage.

Our destination was The Biodome, which is about 20 or 30 minutes from the Train Station. I got to see another area of Montreal, which I really enjoyed.

When we arrived, I was amazed at the size of The Olympic Stadium and the Biodome. Right after we got off, we headed to The Olympic Stadium to take the Elevator to the Observation Deck.

Personally, I thought it was almost better than The CN Tower. I say that because from my point of view, the view’s not that good, just because the bars are too high for me to see as good as others. The Olympic Stadium’s better for me because of that.

From there, we headed next door to The Biodome. I’ve been wanting to go there for awhile now. I was pretty stoked to be there.

Our first stop inside was the Jungle. I was in there for a few minutes, when a Common Trumpeter (Bird) casually walked up to me. He started checking me and my Wheelchair out. For a few moments, he looked like he wanted to jump up, but no, he walked away afterwards. He was really cute.

From there, I saw Parrots, Monkeys, an Alligator, different Birds, Puffins, Penguins, Fishes, a Gecko, a Chameleon, and even watched him eat a Worm. From there, we saw Lemurs as well.

I LOVE animals, so this was pretty fun for me. It sure beats feeding Horses and Goats. No offense, but Chameleons, Geckos, and Birds are alot more cooler to look at, especially if you can interact with them.

We tried to get to The Insectarium, but it was hard to get to, plus we were short on time. We hung out for awhile in The Botanical Garden. It was pretty, but not really my thing.

By this time, it was time to return to The Train Station to catch the Train back to Ottawa. One of the Elevators wasn’t working well while I was on it. Luckily, it was able to go up, so I could get off.

We managed to get on the Train in time before it left. On our way back, we relaxed with free Wine and Chocolate. It’s a hard life in First Class, what can I say?

We got back to Ottawa just after 8 PM and were home by 9.
After we looked at the pics and emailed some, my Wife went home to sleep.
After getting up at 6:30 AM, I slept like a baby.

I’m a big fan of Montreal. I think it’s a beautiful City, and I love the designs of some of the Buildings. There also seems to be a crapload of things to do.

For example, there was a NASCAR Event held there yesterday, a Film Festival was going on, and while I was at The Biodome, a Major League Soccer game was going on. We only had one big Event here in Ottawa yesterday. That was The Gay Pride Parade. I heard it was pretty fun. I hope to one day attend the one in Toronto.

Ottawa’s a very dull, uptight City.

There’s at least two things wrong with Montreal though, at least to me.

1. It’s not very Wheelchair Accessible, especially the Subway and Old Montreal.
2. If you don’t speak French, you’re screwed. I found that out about 10 years ago.

Long story short, my Map flew away. I tried to ask for directions, but it took awhile because everyone I asked were French.

As for today, I headed to the Bank to pay a Bill.
The rest of my night will be spent doing Laundry.

Back to reality.

Thanks for reading.


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