So, I stayed over at my Wife’s last night.
We both slept pretty well.

It’s raining today, so I’m just relaxing before our big trip tomorrow.
The only bad part is that I’ll be waking up around 6:30 or 7 AM, but at least it’s for a fun reason.

So, I woke up this Morning and my Wife showed me the Newspaper. The Ottawa Citizen had somehow managed to post Articles about H1N1 in almost EVERY freakin’ section of Saturday’s Paper.
I was expecting to read that Jon got the H1N1 Flu from one of Odie’s wet kisses.

But seriously, I just wanna say one thing though.
Shut the fuck up!

In this day in age, with the Internet, TV News, Radio etc, there’s no need to smother Newspaper readers with News of H1N1. We get it, thank you. No need to mentally & visually rape us

Let me summarize all the reports, as a kind gesture to my fellow readers.

1. There’s a CHANCE that the H1N1 Flu will hit at SOME point during the upcoming Flu season.
Good news though, there’s a Vaccine for it. We just don’t know what the fuck it’s gonna do to you, and we’re not sure who to give it to.

2. No cause for alarm though, people are standing by, to direct you elsewhere in the hopes you get better, or at least not sue them or die.

3. As far as prevention goes, just wash your hands, avoid contact with sick people. If need be, go to work or the Hospital wearing a Mask. Better yet, just wander down a dark isolated Street with a Mask. You’ll be fine.

Long story short, I don’t care what kind of Medical background these so called “Experts” have, fact is, you know SHIT about what’s gonna happen. You’re better off trying to bring Nostradamus back to life and seeing what he has to say about it.

Bottom line is, it’s my personal belief that it’s been extremely blown out of proportion. Sure, a few people might get sick and/or die from the Flu. It happens every single year. The only difference this year is that the Media, and the World Health Organization (WHO) are putting a different spin on it. It’s gonna create mass fear (more than now) and that’ll cause more problems than the actual illness itself.

So, just relax. If you get the Flu, DON’T panic. Just do what you normally do to get better.

Whatever you do, don’t refer to it as Swine Flu.
It gives Pigs a bad name or something.

Stay healthy!

This has been a Ryan Rant.

Thanks for reading.


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