Nah, not really…

So my Wife’s Niece left just after 7 last night with her Grandpa.
My Wife’s place suddenly felt quiet for awhile. We hung out for awhile without the TV on even, which was nice.

We came back to my place and emailed some pictures to her Relatives, and then she left.

As for myself, I twittered chatted with some people, which was fun.
Most of the people on my Twitter list are complete strangers. Either, we met through a certain topic and they like what I said or through something called Follow Friday. Basically, you whore yourself on Fridays to get more followers.

My Wife tends to get suspicious with me talking to Strangers online. She doesn’t think that I’m gonna cheat or anything. She’s just worried that I’ll share too much personal information and someone will use it against me or something like that.

While that’s a legitimate concern, I’m pretty careful when it comes to posting pictures online. I only put personal pictures on Facebook, where I know everyone personally in some way.

I mainly use Twitter to (corrupt) meet new people and show them that I’m just a regular guy who happens to be Physically Disabled.
That’s also the main reason why I blog.

Update on the Montreal Trip:
As alot of you know, my trip to Montreal today was cancelled due to a Staff shortage of my Personal Care Attendants. I’m happy to report my Wife managed to exchange the Tickets for next Sunday instead. Keep your fingers crossed for us cause it’s been a rough year for both of us, so we deserve this.

It’ll also be our Third Anniversary of our Engagement. As most of you know, we can’t get married or live together. If we did, I’d lose my funding.
Wednesday is the actual day of the Anniversary. I’ll share the story of how I proposed on Wednesday.

My Wife and I are going to a Movie soon.
We’re gonna see The Time Traveler’s Wife.
I’ll be back tomorrow with a review.

Thanks for reading.


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