I stayed home yesterday and watched some movies.
Tonight, I’m off to finally see the movie, Bruno.

So I finally watched the results show for America’s Got Talent from last Wednesday.
Let’s see if my choices made it.

In case you forgot, here were my picks for the next round:
Carol Loo
Tony Hoard & Rory
Eleisha Miller
Paradizo Dance

So how’d I do:
Carol Loo, & Eleshia Miller got the votes over Voices Of Glory.
Paradizo Dance got the votes over SQ Entertainment.
Tony Hoard & Rory got the Judges decision over Charles Dwayne

The others that moved on were:
The Fab Five
Voices Of Glory
The Texas Tenors

Final Thoughts:
While only two of my picks from this round moved on, I think it made sense. All of the acts in the next round would do well in Las Vegas.
I still think that Paradizo Dance, & Drew Thomas will make it to the finals.

On Tuesday, the next round of performances begins, followed the next night by the results.
I will have a recap of all that after I watch those shows.

Thanks for reading.


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