I decided to head to the Ottawa Greek Festival last night. I had never been before, so I wanted to check it out.

The OC Transpo Bus dropped me off right across the Street, which made things much easier considering I’m not familiar with that area of town.

The first thing I saw was the line-up to get food. It was pretty long, but food isn’t exactly my thing. A Couple people that I knew stopped to talk to me on my way in. Yes, within 10 feet of walking in, I ran into 2 people that I know.

One of them’s deaf. I always feel kinda awkward when I see him cause it’s not exactly easy talking to him. In my mind, I’m thinking that me mouthing to him slowly is about an effective as trying to read lips while watching a Cartoon. He’s a nice guy though and we always manage to be able to chat pretty well, at least for a few moments.

From there, I headed inside the Community Centre to use the Bathroom and see what they had in there. They had an Art Show and Seminars teaching people about the Greek life.

After that, it was time for the Zorba Show. I managed to get a seat up front. Basically, it was Greek people dancing, drinking, breaking plates, and dancing in a circle of fire.

Everybody in the show were so nice to me. I even got into the action when one of the Hosts got me to yell Opa! into the microphone. After the show, some of the Dancers came over to me to take a picture with them.

I headed back inside for a few minutes. I ran into one of the Hosts and he asked me if I had fun. I told him that I had a blast and thanked him for including me. He asked me if I’d return and I answered with a big yes. Of course, I will, I had a BLAST. I plan on bringing my Wife next year.

If you’re in Ottawa and reading this, I highly recommend you check out the Greek Fest. It’s on until next Sunday.

After the show, I headed home.
My Wife called me before bed to tell me about her day with her Dad.

As for me, I’m not sure what I’m doing tonight or tomorrow.
It’s dangerously humid outside, so I’m sitting home with the AC on, and drinking water, as I write this

Thanks for reading.

  1. sounds like a good time alright, thanks for sharing, love all the tags! you’re a real go getter!

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