As of this posting, I have no idea what happened last night on America’s Got Talent. My Wife asked me to record it because she was busy cleaning and fell asleep early. I’ve managed to avoid reading about it on Twitter and elsewhere online. Trust me, it’s hard to resist the urge. I’m not sure when we’ll watch it because she’s going away this weekend. When she gets back, her 10 year old Niece will be here for two days before my Wife & I head to Montreal for the day next Saturday.

With that said, I headed out to a movie last night. I went to see A Perfect Getaway. Long story short, two couples are touring a Hawaiian Island. Word just got out about a Killer on the loose. Basically, you gotta figure out who the bad guys are, and it’s full of twists.

To be honest, the Movie isn’t that great. It only starts getting semi good near the end. The rest of the Movie is basically them exploring the Island, hunting, kayaking, and hiking.

I recommend that you DON’T see it or at least wait until it comes out on DVD.

I’m not sure what I’m doing tonight, but hopefully I’ll get to spend time with my Wife before she goes away.

As for my weekend, I’m not sure yet. I may check out a free showing of Beetlejuice outdoors on Saturday night.

It’s free.

Thanks for reading.


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