So, my Wife & I watched America’s Got Talent last night.

The two hour show had live performances. Let’s run down some highlights and see who I think will move on.

Carol Loo — This Woman’s 60 years old and dances. I wish I knew how to post videos here, but I forget. For her show last night, she started off by dancing in a Cage while it lowered to the ground. She did a few Dance moves, but her Back-up Dancers did most of the work. I liked her performance, just because we don’t get to see too many sixty year olds bust a move. Perhaps, that’s a good thing. I liked her though and I hope she moves on.

Tony Hoard & Rory — This was a Dog Acrobatics Show, which was pretty high energy. Even though, the Frisbee flew too far for Rory to catch at times, it was fun to watch. Rory can sure jump freakin high and fast. They got my vote.

Eleisha Miller — This Girl was pretty good. While she didn’t have the best voice, I’m still pretty impressed considering she’s only 9 years old. I found her to be very entertaining, good stage presence, funny, and a good attitude. It almost doesn’t matter that she can’t sing well. She got my vote.

Paradizo Dance — These two are amazing! This act features a guy & a girl doing Acrobatic Dancing, but there’s a twist. The Woman weighs about 100 pounds or so & her Husband’s about 200 I’d say. For most of their show, SHE lifts HIM up and does various things together. To me, this is something pretty cool that I’ve never seen before. They’re my early pick to go all the way.

I think the final will be between Drew Thomas, and Paradizo Dance.

That’s my prediction.

The rest of the show wasn’t that good, at least not to me.
Tonight’s the results show.

Thanks for reading.

  1. Anthony Lenzo says:

    Hi Ryan

    I agree last week show was better. Tonight we find out who gone. I saw the re-run of last week elimination show with wow did Mariah Carey gain wieght. She look more like Queen Latifa. They most of did major air brush on her new album cover.

  2. ryanlythall says:

    I actually was able to fast forward through Mariah behind I recorded it.

    Poor you

  3. Anonymous says:

    The dog show was crap

  4. Paradizo Dance all the way.

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