Last night was pretty fun. We headed to Parliament Hill to see Fortissimo. As far as we knew, this is the first time that they’ve had it there.

We arrived just before it started and we had a hard time finding a good spot. We ended up sitting right behind reserved seating. That meant, I had to look in between people’s head. It was far from ideal, but I could see some of the things going on, plus it was a Concert, so I could just listen. A few of the Bands and Dancers walked by us before & after the show, so we managed to get some good pictures and a video.

They started firing Guns and Cannons, which made me jump the first few times. Other than that, we had a fun time.

It ended around 9, and we headed home.

As for today, it’s cool outside, & raining off & on, so I’m just spending the day relaxing at home.

Thanks for reading.


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