So, yesterday was pretty quiet for me.
I did three loads of Laundry, and then my Wife & I watched America’s Got Talent.
Tonight’s the results show.
I’m hoping that Grandma Lee, Drew Thomas, and Kevin Skinner all move on to the next round.
First one’s a 75 year old Stand Up Comedian, second’s a Magician, and the third is a Singer.

In other “reality TV” news, Paula Abdul has apperently left American Idol.
Personally, I don’t really care because I only watch that show during the “Auditions” phase.
Now, that can be good TV at times.

I’m not really sure what else to post right now.
Sorry for the short post.
Thanks for reading.

  1. Sue C says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I enjoy America’s Got Talent and want the same three as you to move ahead. I love Grandma Lee, she’s hilarious – I voted for her.
    And I also only watch Idol during the auditions – they are good for a laugh or too.
    And I love your blog. You are a great writer and I get a chuckle out of some of the things you write. Keep it up (the blog that is!!!).

    • ryanlythall says:

      Hi Sue
      Thanks for the comment.
      Tonight’s AGT’s show should be intense. I voted for all 3 of them, so hopefully they all move on.
      Thanks for the support and keep dropping by my blog.

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