As you all know, my weekend was pretty packed.
Between the Rideau Canal Festival and the Busker Festival, plus seeing Funny People, I was out there.

Yesterday, my Wife and I headed to the Bytown Museum as part of the Rideau Canal Festival. It was free admission, plus I’ve never actually been there before, which is an extremely rare thing for me.

The Museum talks about the history of Ottawa, formerly called Bytown. They talk about everything about how we became Canada’s Capital, its British roots etc etc. It was fun down there.

Another cool aspect of the Building is that it’s haunted, which is something that interests me. While I was there, I saw and or felt a few Ghosts hanging around. They were all still wearing Uniforms or other attire associated with that era.

Typically, I don’t get scared by Ghosts and I’ve come to accept the fact that this is just an ability that I have. I do my best not to disturb them and it’s more of a natural curiousity for me. Before anyone asks, I don’t watch Ghost Whisperer, but my Wife does. I personally find it too over the top for me.

After we left there, I headed to the Mall while my Wife went to buy some food. We joined up shortly after and headed home.

We headed back out again after Supper to catch the Grand Finale of the Busker Festival. We arrived late, so I had to push my way up near the front, so I could see.

Pushing your way through the crowd with a 500+ pound powered wheelchair can be quite daunting. Usually when they see me barrelling towards them, they move, and really, it’s the right choice to make.

It started to rain, but we stay for the whole thing. The show was pretty good and they managed to raise $900 for the Children’s Wish Foundation by auctioning off two t-shirts that were signed by all of the performers.

We returned home for the night and I watched WWE Monday Night Raw.

Tonight, we’re gonna watch America’s Got Talent.
Well that’s it for now, but thanks for reading.


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