After I posted here yesterday, I headed to City Hall to meet my Wife. She took part in a Bike Parade as part of the Rideau Canal Festival. When I arrived, there was a Band practicing the horns. The last thing I expected to see were horny people playing.

Bad joke, I know, but it’s free.

As I waited for my Wife to show up, people were biking around City Hall with whistles and bike bells. I just sat there and watched in bewilderment.

As luck would have it though, as soon as my Wife showed up, she wanted to join in. So, sure enough, I started circling with the other bike riders. They had different sections along the route. Ones where you hit your bell, one where you blew a whistle, and one where you had to be quiet. I didn’t get a bell or whistle, so I just drove around as Cyclists raced by me.

The whistles were pissing me off because they were right in my ear. I didn’t notice that it was over and I kept going, completely oblivious that everyone else had stopped. I only realized when one of the Organizers ran over to me and gave me the thumbs up. I quickly looked around and saw everyone parked at the other end. I made my way back towards them.

For once, I was hoping NOT to be on TV for that. Sure enough, my Wife spotted us on the late night Newscast. It was one of those “blink & you’ll miss it” moments. At least, they showed us riding together and talking, as opposed to me driving around in circles all by myself.

After the bike thing, we headed off in search of our Asphalt baby, and we found him. Oddly enough, it was directly across from where someone I knew killed themselves last Summer.

From there, we headed to Confederation Park and then to a nearby Coffee Shop.

We headed home for a few hours before we headed out to the Dows Lake Pavillion to see Boats covered in lights. This was actually pretty neat, even though they were just going around in circles while people cheered them on. Oddly enough, I did the same thing just hours earlier.

That was followed by Fireworks and then we headed home afterwards.

So far, it’s been a lazy day for me. I slept at my Wife’s place last night and we slept in until 11. We took our time getting up because it was raining.

We hope to see the movie, Funny People tonight.
I’ve heard some great things about it.

Tomorrow, we’re heading to the Bytown Museum, which I’ve never been to.
From there, we’ll probably catch the end of the Busker Festival.

Thanks for reading.

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