I’m not as happy about this weekend, like I usually am.
It’s supposed to rain all weekend.
I think I’d have an easier time getting around on a Boat instead of a Bus or Van.

I’m on a Boat, yo!

Last night, my Wife & I got caught up on America’s Got Talent. One of them was for people on MySpace. I used to contribute regularly there, but now I’m here, because it’s alot more mature & professional looking. Also, because the slut/whore factor is reduced greatly here.

Yup, I said it, you gotta cut back on the whores!

And, you have Twitter…
At first, I didn’t get it or understood the hype. it has its charm, I admit. I often find myself checking back often to see what people are doing in this crazy world. As of now, I have 103 followers and have posted almost 500 tweets.

As for Facebook…
I have 150 friends and I know them ALL in one way or another. Most of them are Comedians that I’ve worked with or seen & talked to afterwards. There’s also other Disabled people, Neighbors, my Sister, & many many more.

I thought I’d finish this post with a childhood memory.
As many of you know, I lived 19 years at the Childrens Hospital Of Eastern Ontario.
For the first six years, I lived in ICU.
In those days, I didn’t have a TV in my room. One of my sources of amusement was BLASTING a record that was just Bagpipe Music.

Anyways, one day I was bored and had a ball nearby. I started looking around for someone to throw it to. The only person near me was my roomate, but he was asleep, or so I thought.

I threw the NERF ball at him, thinking he’d wake up and toss it back, but no. As it turned out, the boy was in a Coma. His Mother was sitting by his bed resting. She woke up and sees the ball on him & I’m sitting there with a shit happy-candy induced grin. Next thing I know, she starts screaming at the Nurse.

I, of course, was clueless about what was going on. By this point, I just wanted my ball back. A few minutes later, a Nurse told me that he wasn’t sleeping. After that talk, I rocked out to Bagpipe Music.

Even as a kid, I wasn’t innocent.

I just felt like sharing that with the masses.

Have a ball this weekend, everyone!

  1. DeScepter says:

    Simply superb. I love it.

    Did the mother take issue with you blasting the music after having thrown a ball at her comatose son?

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