I was supposed to have an Appointment today as well, but she cancelled because she went home sick. Luckily, the Clinic called right before I got up in my Wheelchair for the day. It’s a good thing because it meant I could get away with wearing PJ pants and avoid the rain.

Come to think of it, I met the Prime Minister while I had PJ pants on. At least, my Pants are patriotic and people seemed to like my Canada Day attire. I managed to pull it off to a certain degree of success.

My Wife came over last night to watch America’s Got Talent episodes that I recorded.
For those unaware or just new to this blog, my Wife & I don’t live together. The reason for that is because if we did, I’d lose my funding. We’re also not officially married because of the same reason. We consider ourselves married to eachother and that’s why we just say we’re married. It gets kinda awkward if someone asks when or where the Wedding was. If we have the time, we usually explain the whole story, or at least part of it.
The more people that know about that, the better.

I admit that it sucks most of the time, but trust me, we see eachother just as much as most Couples do. Besides, we almost killed eachother when she lived with me for a Month when we first started dating. Long story short, it ain’t not half bad.

Besides that, we both did Laundry and that was about it for the night.

In other news…
I’ve been trying to design my Website, but it’s tough & not to mention, frustrating. I’m a Beginner when it comes to HTML. People have told me that I should do Web Designing or things related to that, as a job. Despite the fact that I spend hours at my Computer, I think I’d lose my mind with a job like that. I prefer to use the Computer to interact, network, have fun, play games, learn, & keep up on Current Events.

So, if & when I figure out how to design, you can expect to see a whole new look & design to this blog. Hopefully, it all works out.

Thanks for reading!


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