It felt odd not going to Bluesfest last night. I went out briefly to go to the Bank & the Drug store, but I didn’t feel like staying outdoors after that. I’m just relaxing until tomorrow. I have to get up at 9 for a Doctor’s Appointment. Nothing to worry about, I just need him to sign a form for me.

I’m not really fond of Doctors. In my case, they rarely know what to do with me, even when I have something simple like Allergies or even a Cold. I find that Doctors are sometimes afraid to prescribe me something because they probably think that I might die or react badly to it.

News Flash!
When I was born in 1975, they only gave me a year to live. I love telling people about that, especially Doctors or Nurses. So, I really don’t think something like Allergy Medicine will do me in.

I strongly believe that one of the reasons why I’m still alive is because I’m stubborn. I’m too stubborn to give up on this life, but that’s a good thing. It hasn’t been easy at times, but alot of people can say the same thing. I’d probably get worried if everything ran smoothly. I’d be looking over my shoulder just waiting to see if something bad was coming my way.

No real plans tonight. I’ll probably go to bed early just for my early Doctor’s Appointment. All because so he can sign a form.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.


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