Yesterday was the last day for the Ottawa Bluesfest 2009.
Before I get to who I saw, I just wanna say something.

Yesterday Afternoon while my Wife & I were walking to the Main Stage, a Woman stopped us to give us somethiing.

She gave us a FRAMED photo of me in my Gene Simmons makeup from the KiSS show last Wednesday. She quickly vanished before we had a chance to properly thank her or get her name. So, if you’re reading this, thank you very very much for that. Please feel free to contact me either by my email address or through this site. I’d love to know who you are and to be able to say thank you for the wonderful gift.

Random acts of kindness from strangers still exists in this world and I’m very happy it does.


So, having miss Saturday’s show due to Battery problems, I wanted to make up. I was able to see six bands yesterday, so let’s get to it.

Moreland and Arbuckle — This was pretty good. They covered some old Blues & did original stuff. I’d describe them as Blues Rock. A definite hidden gem for me.

Jeff Rogers & The Liquid Sound — This was another Blues Rock band, but a little more of a performance. What I mean by that is that the Lead Singer was wearing a suit. He had a strong voice, good performance, & pretty good band that backed him up.

Bob Corritore & the Rhythm Room All-Stars — This was pretty good & featured a few people that I’ve seen at Bluesfest this year & previous years like David Maxwell & The Texas Horns. This was a pretty groovy show. I consider this another hidden gem.

Handsome Furs — In the “WTF” performance of the day, I got these guy. The band consisted of a guy & a girl singing & dancing to something called “music”. I use the term loosly ecause I had no idea what they were singing about. As far as dancing, it looked like one of them had to pee while the other person smoked a crap load of crack. It was like a mental enema getting stuck in your head with no way to get out. Luckily, I got there near the end.

The Dead Weather — This is what I what I waiting for. For those unaware, this is a super group featuring Jack White from The White Stripes playing Drums. He also did vocals and played guitar for a few songs. This was a pure straight up, no nonsense, rock show and it was great to see & hear.

The Roll Models — And now it’s time for something completely different. This was two guys (Reverend Billy C. Wirtz and Victor Wainwright) having fun on the keyboard/piano. Billy reminded me of Will Ferrell with REALLY long hair, goatee, & tattoos. He was hilarious with both his songs & his songs. At one point, the Popcorn guy walked in with a tall stick of Popcorn attached to it, plus he was wearing a hat with headlights on it. Needless to say, this led to Billy cracking up about it & even using it in a song. Victor Wainright, on the other hand, was more serious and did a great cover of Ray Charles, Georgia On My Mind. This was a great show & it’s another hidden gem to end off this year’s Bluesfest.

So that’s it for another year.
I hope you people keep tuning in every day to see what I’ve been up to.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow with more fun stuff.

  1. Nik says:


    Thanks for the blog updates each and every day. My wife and I also hit up Bluesfest each and every day (except for the Green Day concert on Friday night), and it was cool to get another person’s perspective on the day’s events (and to get another viewpoint on the show’s we both watched). Even had the honour of bumping into you two times and saying hi. Until next year!


    • ryanlythall says:

      Hi Nik
      Thanks for stopping by and the nice comment. It sounds like you had a good time as well. I hope you keep checking out my blog.

      Hope to see ya next year.

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