So it rained yesterday, which is odd because they didn’t call for rain. I really don’t think Weather Forecasters know anything. It is my personal belief that they know about as much as people that write or talk about Astrology & Horoscopes.

With that said, let’s see who I saw yesterday for day 5 at Bluesfest.

Steve Poltz — I read his bio before heading out. He seemed pretty interesting and even co-wrote one of Jewel’s biggest hits, so I decided to check him out & I’m glad that I did. He was quirky, eccentric, talented, & pretty funny to boot. I’d describe his music as borderline Country, with a Bluesy Rock flavor. After the show, we ran into eachother outside the Theater and we spoke for a few moments. Nice guy, great show, and I consider it to be a hidden gem.

JW Jones Band with Little Charlie Baty — I had high hopes for this Blues band, but after awhile, I got bored because it felt bland.

It started raining after that, so we headed indoors for a bit. We decided to see one more show before heading home.

Hubert Sumlin — This was alright. Anytime you get to see a Music Legend, I suggest you do. This guy is a Legendary Guitarist that has played with The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry and numerous others. The only reason we left so soon is because it was getting cold out.

We had been thinking about going to one of the shows at a Local Bar, but weren’t really sure how we’d get there. Once Transportation was doable, we decided to reserve a Wheelchair Accessible Taxi and we headed to the Hard Rock Cafe to see a show at 11 PM.

Lil Brian and the Traveler — My Wife saw him last year at Bluesfest, and even bought their CD. She kept talking about how good they were, so I figured I’d give it a shot, plus it had been ages since we had a late night out. The lead Singer plays the Accordian to Funk Music. They even tossed in some Reggae into the mix, which is alright by me. At first, I was highly skeptical of the combination, but it works, it truly does. I found myself grooving to the music as they played. This was awesome and made for a great night out. Another hidden gem for me.

As for today, there’s only three bands playing and they’re all on one Stage.

6:00 pm Silverstein
7:30 pm Gym Class Heroes
9:15 pm Stone Temple Pilots

I’m definitely gonna check out Stone Temple Pilots, but I’m not sure about the other two.

Back tomorrow.


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