So yesterday was Day 2 at The Ottawa Bluesfest. Let’s see who I saw and find out if I came across a hidden gem.

Marie-Josee Houle — I started my night inside the Theatre. Right before I headed out, I checked out her bio & she sounded interesting, plus my Wife often tells me that I should check out Accordian music. This was my chance, so I decided to give it a shot. It wasn’t bad, at least at first. She then started doing French songs and it got kinda got dull, & not to mention, confusing, because I don’t speak French. After 5 songs, I hightailed it out in search of something good, or at least something with English.

Brothers Chaffey — I caught the last song of their set. From what I saw & heard was pretty good. It sounded like straight up rock, which is perfectly good with me. I kinda wish that I had seen more of them, but I’m sure I will at some point.

Holy F*ck — Not knowing who they were, besides the fact that they play Electronica, this was a gamble. First, let me tell you what I saw from where I was sitting. I saw two guys hunched over two different Keyboards. Two other band members were on stage, but not in my view. As for the music, it wasn’t bad actually. It would’ve been better if I was high or drunk. After awhile, I headed off elsewhere.

Ryan Shaw — My Wife was at another Stage, so I decided to meet up with her and see what she was tuning into. I came across Ryan Shaw. Like alot of bands, I hadn’t heard of him. He had a good voice, so I hung around for the rest his set. I was pleasently surprised. I’d decribe him as Rock/Soul/even a little Gospel throwned into the mix. He did a fantastic cover of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror. My only beef is that I wanted to hear more of him. There’s my hidden gem for the night for me.

Metric — I had heard of Metric before, but hadn’t heard their music. The music was good, but the Lead Singer was annoying. She wouldn’t stop talking. If I wanted to hear someone talk at a Music Festival, I’d go to the Folk Festival.
More music, less talking please.

Ben Harper and Relentless7 — I have seen Ben Harper at least once before and it was great, so I had hopes for this show. He brought the goods this time as well. Typically, he’s known for his slower songs, which tend to leave you feeling relaxed, among othe things. This time around, his set mostly consisted of pure rock that hit right through to the bone. He did a few slow songs, but mostly, rock, and that was a good thing.

Here’s tonight’s lineup at Bluesfest:

Subway Stage
6:15 pm Lindsay Ferguson
7:45 pm Brock Zeman
9:00 pm Steve Earle (Blues Meets Folk Series)

Bank of America Stage
7:00 pm Carlos Varela
9:30 pm Jackson Browne

Rogers Stage
6:00 pm The Stills
8:00 pm Sam Roberts Band

Hard Rock Cafe Stage
6:00 pm City of a Hundred Spires
7:15 pm Okkervil River
9:00 pm DeVotchKa

Barney Danson Theatre
6:15 pm Andrew Vincent
7:30 pm Ernie Hawkins
9:00 pm Doyle Bramhall

Blacksheep Stage
6:15 pm The Dodos
7:30 pm POWER HOUR hosted by MonkeyJunk
9:15 pm King Sunny Ade & His African Beats

In the Market, Arrested Development, & The Proclaimers will be playing.
As of this writing, the only Band that I definitely want to see is Sam Roberts.

Everything else will happen on the fly.
Thanks for reading & I’ll be back tomorrow.

Have a good weekend.


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