So last night was the first night of Bluesfest. I didn’t stick around to see Jeff Beck, but I saw a few good acts.

Amanda Rheaume — She had a few good songs and it helped that she’s easy on the eyes. I’d describe her as Folksy, at least with some of her songs. She was the first act to kick off Bluesfest, which can be tough to pull off. She did ok, but I wanted something with a little more kick, so I headed off in search of it.

Flash Lightnin’ — Ah, I hit something good here. One of the things that I like about Bluesfest is the ability to wander to other stages and find Bands that you’ve never heard of, and hopefully see that they’re really good. I refer to that as the hidden gems. This was the case with Flash Lightnin. They come from Toronto and consist of three guys rocking out. When I saw them, my first thought was it sounds like Southern Rock. Low & behold, I read their bio AFTER the show and that’s exactly what they are and probably why I found them to be really good. It was a pretty solid set.

After their set, I ran into my Wife (not literally) on her way to a show inside the Theatre. I decided to check it out to see if I’d find another hidden gem.

Jon Creeden — I gave it a shot, I really did. I stayed for four songs. He had a good voice, but it just sounded too much like some guy playing Guitar at Lunch time in the School Yard of a Highschool. I don’t mean to sound so harsh, but that’s the vibe I got. After four songs, I headed back outside to see The Black Keys.

The Black Keys — I have to admit, I didn’t really know who they were before seeing them. I was pretty amazed at what I saw & heard. I’m not really sure who they reminded me of, but the combination of a bad ass Drummer & Guitarist meshed very well together.

After awhile, I decided to walk around a bit. My Wife saw me & we bought some Bluesfest wear. I got a T-Shirt & another set of beads to wear around my neck. From there, we went to see Sergent Garcia, but stopped in the Theatre to check out John Campbelljohn.

John Campbelljohn — When we were sitting outside the door, he sounded pretty good, so we headed inside. Not to stereotype, but it’s been my experience that the older the singer of a Blues Band is, the better they are at capturing the true spirit of the Blues. The guy appeared to be in his mid fifties. Sadly, this wasn’t the case this time. His new song was a Hippie song. Normally, I’m up for that, but the one after sounded too much like Country. So, we left & continued on our journey to see Sergent Garcia.

Sergent Garcia — This group had potential. They were from Cuba and played Cuban music, which is normally pretty good. For some reason, we weren’t really into it as much as we tried. There was this Couple dancing in front of us who were REALLY into it and I think they even had sex while they were dancing. It was getting cold at that point anyways, so we headed home.

All in all, not a bad first night.

Here’s tonight’s line-up:

Subway Stage
6:00 pm Brothers Chaffey
7:15 pm Holy F*ck
8:45 pm Iron & Wine

Bank of America Stage
7:00 pm Sista Monica
9:30 pm Ben Harper and Relentless7

Rogers Stage
6:00 pm Shiloh
8:00 pm Metric

Hard Rock Cafe Stage
6:00 pm Tara Holloway
7:15 pm Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women FAREWELL TOUR
9:30 pm The Road Hammers

Barney Danson Theatre
6:15 pm Marie-Josee Houle
7:30 pm Ana Miura
9:00 pm Colin Linden

Blacksheep Stage
6:15 pm Kyrie Kristmanson
7:45 pm Ryan Shaw
9:15 pm Oumou Sangare

Tonight is also the start of “Bluesfest In The Byward”.

George Clinton & Parliament will be there.
I think I’ll be checking out Holy Fuck, perhaps Metric, but definitely seeing Ben Harper.

I’ll be back tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.


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