Yesterday was Canada Day. Let’s see what happened.

I woke up shortly before 10 to Cloudy skies. I turned on the TV to check the Weather and it still called for Rain in the Afternoon. I decided to risk it and go out, and I’m really glad that I did.

We started off heading to Parliament Hill because I wanted to try the new free Shuttle Bus that they had for Disabled People, so we hopped on and headed into the VIP section. I couldn’t help myself as I passed everyone inside the barricades, so I said hi & Happy Canada Day to as many as I could while I made my way to the front row. I actually felt like a Celebrity for a little while.

We sat & watched the show, and we were on National TV a crapload of times during the 90 minue show/telecast. As if, that wasn’t enough fun, we got more, alot more.

Near the end of the show, the Organizer of the Wheelchair Section, Charles Matthews, asked me if I wanted to meet the Governer General. Being the Media Slut that I am, I quickly said yes. We made our way over and I was on National TV shaking hands with the Governer General and talking to her like it was no big deal. As if that wasn’t big enough, I met Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and again was on TV.

I’d post pictures, but I’m not overly comfortable sharing my picture on here. I have no problem being on TV and being seen by millions of people.

Don’t try to figure out my logic. Many have tried & many have failed.

Just before meeting them, the Battery on my Ventilator died, which is never a good sign, especially if I’m out. We made our way home and I charged up my Battery for a few hours before we headed back out again.

For our second time out, we returned to Parliament Hill for the Evening show. We had hoped to take the Shuttle Bus again, but it was waiting for people at the Stage. We got there just in time to Sarah McLachlan perform again. Our seats weren’t quite as good as earlier, but it was still in the VIP Section.

We started heading out as soon as we heard the first bang of the fireworks. I’m a huge fan of fireworks & you’re never too old for them, at least in my opinion. The only lasted for about 10 minutes, but they were pretty good as usual.

After they were done, we headed into the madness, and headed home, like thousands of others. Luckily, we only live a few blocks away from there, so we just walked home.

The day went great. We didn’t get to hear any Jazz, but we didn’t get rained on, and we met the Prime Minister & the Governer General while being on TV.

As for today, I’m just taking it easy while it rains outside.

Thanks for reading.


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