On Monday, I attended a Training Session on Public Speaking at the United Way. It turned out to be a little emotional for some. A few Women talked about working at the Distress Centre, one working at the Rape Crisis Centre, and one had 3 kids with different disorders. It was kind of depressing.

Then it was my turn.

I spoke about my life, how the Doctors gave me 1 year to live when I was born. From there, I talked about spending 19 years at the Childrens Hospital Of Eastern Ontario, and then decided to live on my own, instead of another institution. From there, I talked about the Organization that provides me with 24/7 care.

It was alot to pack in considering I was only given 5 minutes, but I did it & everyone was pretty impressed.

While I was in there, I missed a downpour outside, but I was able to see the rainbow on the ride home. I forgot to mention yesterday that my Wife & I got stuck in the rain on our way home from the Grocery Store, and we had to call a cab to get home.

After I got home from the United Way, I told my Wife all about it and then I watched WWE Wrestling.

No plans for Tuesday yet, but Wednesday’s Canada Day. As of now, they’re calling for rain, but I hope to see Sarah McLachlan & the Fireworks at least. My Wife is off for the rest of the week after that, so we’ll probably do stuff together.

Well that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.

  1. K the title of this blog made me think it was about something entirely different!! Ha ha ha.

    Great blog, you have quite the story!

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