So my day today was filled with two Medical appointments at two different Hospitals at opposite ends of the City.

I started at The Civic Hospital for my (almost daily) Blood test. Much to my surprise, they got it in again on the first try. So far, they’re 2 for 2, which is a damn good thing at this point in time. My next test is on Friday, and here’s hoping they go 3 for 3.

From there, I headed to The Rehabilitation Centre to see my Respirologist. We went over everything that’s happened to me in the past month. Just once, I’d love to have a Doctor look at me and say, how the fuck are you still alive? I’ve seen MANY Doctors in the past 34 years and I can assure you that many of them were thinking that.

Anyways, the Respirologist changed a setting on my Ventilator and it seems to be helping me breathe better. He also said for me to be patient and to keep doing what I’m doing.

From there, I waited an hour for my ride home. I think the waiting was the hardest part.

As for tomorrow, I plan on relaxing after making some calls.

The fun never ends.


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