Friday was my appointment at the Thrombosis Clinic, which specializes in Blood Clots.

As you probably guessed, I had a shitload of questions, like who am I and what am I doing here? (Sorry, Simpsons reference)

I was pretty stressed out already just for being there. It didn’t help matters when the Doctors and Nurses kept changing their minds about how to deal with this.

In the end, they decided on two more weeks of daily shots, pills every day for the next three months at least, blood tests at least once or twice a week. Good news is that if I get tired of the Blood tests, I can switch back to the shots instead of pills.

Still with me?

On top of all that, I’m back on the original Antibiotics that I was taking for Pneumonia two weeks ago. That will be for another ten days.

Don’t worry, I’ll be publishing Cole notes, so you can be ready for a test on this.

As if that’s not enough, my Smoke Detector kept going off while I slept last night/this morning. Apparently, I’m getting a new one tomorrow.

So how are you people doing out there?

I hope you’re doing better than me and not feeling like a VooDoo Doll.


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