Nothing much has happened since my last post yesterday. I spent most of the night playing Poker online and finishing off a Reference Letter for someone.

I figured that I’d write about a few things coming up for me.

As everybody knows, this Saturday is Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I’m not really a big fan of it, even though I’m married. It is my personal belief that we shouldn’t need to set aside a day to celebrate love, and make someone feel special. We should be doing that more often and not have to have a day to be reminded that someone loves us as much as we (hopefully) love them.

For Valentine’s Day, my Wife bought us tickets to see a live taping of the CBC Radio Show, The Debaters. The Debaters is a weekly Radio show where two Comedians go head to head and debate about different topics. I know a number of performers taking part on Thursday night’s taping, including Darren Frost.

I first met Darren on my 31st Birthday at Yuk Yuk’s in January 2006. I laughed my ass off for the whole night. After the show, I went up to meet him, we chatted for a bit, and took pictures. He’s a great guy, but he angers a LOT of people because of the jokes he makes. Like I said yesterday, I’m definitely a different type of person and I tend to like things that are off the beaten path.

After we first met, we kept in close contact and I’d go see him whenever he was in town. After his shows, we usually shoot the shit for a little while.

The coolest thing that’s happened so far is him mentioning me during one of his shows. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and I respect the hell out of him for that, and I always will.

If you want to check him out, check out these links.


Keep in mind that it’s very NSFW and contains strong language and all that other bullshit that makes some people uncomfortable.

Luckily, this show is being held at a Local Theatre as opposed to a Club. Sure, the only Wheelchair spots are at the back of the bus, oops, I mean the Theatre. At least I’ll be there and I’ll see him after the show.

I’m really looking forward to it.

As for Saturday, no real plans set in place besides (hopefully) spend the night with my Wife. We have a very unique relationship to say the least.

For one thing, we don’t live together. If we did, I’d lose my funding and also because of that, we’re not “officially” married. I admit that it can be frustrating at times, but at other times, it can be a good thing.

About five years ago, she stayed at my place for a month and we tore eachother’s heads off. We both have different lifestyles, which tends to clash with eachother.

That’s about it as far as things coming up in my life.

Thanks for reading.


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